Some questions regarding Infinites timeline

!!!Spoiler Ahead!!!

When did cortana destroy Doisac, was it before or during infinite?

when did the forerunners imprison the harbinger if the halos killed everything including themselves?

Before. Part of the reason the Banished want the ring is for a new home world.

Not sure about the second question.

ok just wondering because it didn’t feel like it mattered that much. im pretty sure there is some lines in the game from the banished saying something like “For Doisacc!!!” but i just cant remember of the top of my head when or where. but also also why did cortana do it? the banished pretty much got their -Yoink!- kicked on the ark by the spirit of fire. why did cortana think they were so much of a threat to destroy their whole planet?
as for the second.

the harbinger says the forerunners imprisoned her after the firing of the halos, ya know the thing that kills everything? so how could she have also been captured by the forerunners? i guess a sheild world, haven’t seen those in awhile, but all the games and from most of what i have read, seem to heavily imply the halos killed everything.

IIRC, Cortana would kill anyone/destroy any planet that wouldn’t yield.

ok but the Whole PLANET?!!? Did the whole planet deserve getting blasted.

Yeah - that’s basically it.

I don’t know that it’s specifically mentioned when it happens in the game, but in The Rubicon Protocol it has already happened, and that’s the story of the six months while the Chief was unconcious ffloating in space.

yeah that makes sense, i guess it’d be wired if she asked him to join her after beating up chief too, but it still seems like overkill to destroy the whole planet because one guy says no, girls am i rite.


While I normally say the brutes get a harder rap from the fanbase than they deserve, in this case I’d say it makes perfect sense for Cortana to purge them.

Cortanas plan after all was to make a galaxy with no conflict. The Brutes are a violet species. If they didn’t fight her they’d fight eachother.

As for the Harbinger and the Endless, the whole point the forerunners imprisoned them is that they’re apparently immune to the halos.

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that’s exactly what they were doing, apparently before she destroyed the planet there was brute infighting but still were they that much of a threat, to destroy a whole planet? weird example but what do you if a baby’s wrecking stuff with its toy, do you destroy the baby’s home to teach it a lesson? No, you would take the babies toys away, so why did cortana not do the same? one guardian was able to emp earth and everything around its orbit, she could’ve just destroyed all their ships. also i thought cortana wanted to help all living beings become better than what they were or could be without her help, or was that just for chief and humanity.

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For the harbinger my point is how could the forerunners do anything after the firing of the halos? probably a shield world but i still feel this whole “something surviving the halos” is really far fetched, because as much as i looked up i haven’t found anything about them and the forerunners comming in contact. the only info i did find is just sourced from the game itself or the 2022 encyclopedia which also gives very little info.

also isn’t too much of a coincidence that the librarian who supposedly cataloged “all species in known space,” im assuming that means within range of the halo array, managed to miss one and they happened to be immune to the array!? they are really stretching this damn thing.

Cortana is pointlessly violent throughout halo 5. There wasn’t a point deploying prometheans to kill people on meridian yet she did. In game dialogue suggests even all of the warden’s actions are just her using him as puppet.

The forerunners on the Ark survived.

But yes, I agree the whole thing with the endless surviving the halos to be farfetched, but thats precisely what infinte says they did in the audio logs.

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i would say the opposite actually in H5s last mission with chief, the warden hints at something that may suggest he isn’t entirely loyal to cortana, makes me think who’s really pulling the strings? he could also be the reason for her actions. also we dont know what exactly the warden is, he seems promethean but different, why? 5 had a lot going on, i would’ve liked to see it further explained! but now im not sure it ever will.

Cortana reprogrammed the Warden before the events of Halo 5: Guardians, which was shown in a comic, I think.

well i don’t think she was totally successful, he still seems to act on his own accord.

Kelly and Linda theorize in The Breaking that Cortana’s letting it happen, that she could easily keep the Warden in check if she wanted to (like she does later on when the Warden overwhelms blue team)…

The implication is that Cortana’s using him as her scapegoat, or her “bad cop”, so that she looks like a “Good cop”…

Now its possible the warden still had ‘free will’ when cortana let him, but if she does and he goes around doing horrible things then thats still on her. She shows know remorse for her actions.

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or maybe cortana doesn’t have as much power as the warden lets her believe, honestly who really knows, none of us because 343 just F#€%!¥£ Threw it Away!!!

In the game, one of the things I think hurt Halo Infinite, and Halo 5, was the destruction of Cortana and chief’s relationship, their relationship was very Iconic. I think what was witnessed in the TV series is a Cortana that can now completely control Master Chief, no longer working with him, but now she is a powerful female albeit an AI, but with full control, can’t have her be an assistant to an idiot man. I know that’s too far, but the direction of the Halo story is getting really weird. as is virtually every other game and movie and TV series.

In the TV series, The Master Chief was pretty much sidelined as a supporting character, a real dumb, basically an idiot, and someone you would never trust. They are doing a good job of erasing the Master Chief.

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No it didn’t, but Cortana was playing evil totalitarian space empire dictator - and paid the price for it. I’ve no sympathy for her.


dont blame cortana, blame 343 and their fanfic writers. actually that’s insulting to fanfic writers, im sure they could write a more cohesive story.

Uh, I’m gonna’ blame the character that did it in the canonical story, Phoenix.

We can call it fanfic all we want, it’s still… y’know, canon.