Some problems I've been having

So I booted up the game at 12:30 last night and played. My clumsyness kills me in the middle of the mission Halo, I reload from my last checkpoint and my screen is black. I can shoot, reload, whatever. But the only thing I can see is the start menu. Fine, reboot xbox and do the mission again. Get as far as going up the gravity lift to find Keyes, xbox freezes and I have to redo the sniper mission all over again.

Is anyone else having problems like this? I finally put it away for awhile and played MW3. If I’m more attracted to MW3 than Halo, something’s wrong.

Try installing the game on HDD.

Do you have the game installed?

I don’t, but I still have an original Xbox 360 hardrive. I can’t install the game without having to get rid of something else. And I shouldn’t have to install a game to enjoy it, unless it’s my Xbox and not the game. But the black screen doesn’t sound like an Xbox issue.