Some problems I have had with Halo 4

Don’t get me wrong, I love most of what I have seen in the game. However, a few things just… disappoint me.

  1. Emblems
    Why did they make it so you have to unlock emblems? Armor I can understand, but making emblems unlockable is just silly. That is one thing of customization you should have right away. I had to deal with my preorder emblems because the dogtags bored me. It also seems like some emblems or backgrounds are missing. This always confused me with each Halo. Why do we lose more emblems with each passing game? Why not have all of them?

  2. Ragnarock
    I never used to hate Valhalla. It was just right in terms of vehicles. Now it feels as though there is too many. Maybe make the Mantis a neutral spawn where the bubble shield used to be (seeing as how there is no incentive to even go to that part of the map now.) The ghosts also seem unneeded. Mongeese were good enough to get around the map.

  3. File system
    So why didn’t this come ready with the game? Bungie had theirs up right as Reach was out it seemed. If there is a legitimate reason 343 didn’t have it up right away then that is fine. However, it is just annoying to deal with when I wanted to record a clip in theater real quick only to find out there was no temp history.

This is all that has bugged me. I hope something is done to fix them (file system is obviously going to be fixed eventually.) They don’t really break the game except for Ragnarock as it makes me avoid BTB (which I love.) Everything else is fine as far as I can think of.

  1. I agree.

  2. The Mantis is straight poop. It’s good against vehicles, but other than that…nah i’m good. A few DMR/BR’s and it’s dead.

  3. I agree.