Some positive words for the dev's would be great

While there’s obvious issues with cheaters, no performance XP, expensive “micro” transactions and game modes being randomised therefore conflicting with the challenges.

  • These are all fixable.

  • The gameplay is solid and that is wonderful.

  • 343i is listening and working hard. Toxic feedback does not help as game development is hard. These thing’s cannot be changed at the flick of a switch because of both technical reasons and game functionality reasons.

  • I’m an Engineer (Robotic) and for me there’s a lot of work in coding, simulation, designing, 3D model’s and testing so I can only imagine having so many people leaving these toxic comment’s on my hard work

  • Constructive feedback does help

  • The higher ups are the ones that need to hear our voices on highly overpriced “Micro” transactions that we refuse to buy



I’m genuinely ashamed of the Halo community.
Yes, complaints and criticism are totally okay and 343 DOES acknowledge and try to fix the things we constantly ask for.

Its just nuts that people are sending death threats and crap over a video game. Like seriously, grow up.
Voice criticism like an adult.


After Wednesday I’m taking a break from social media and the forum, things got way too toxic, I love the game, and gameplay is solid, I couldn’t thank 343 enough for all there hard work, and how they have been listening.
Unfortunate side effect of the media generation that everything has to be instantly now.


The gameplay is 100%! It feels like an old halo, tight maps, competitive & sweaty gameplay.


And to think if they just communicated with the community in a decent manner all of this could be avoided.

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It really is sad to see the community act like barbarians with the toxicity. But as OP said, these are all fixable. In due time, 343i and the community can find a happy middle ground.

We just need to keep it constructive and not destructive. There are a lot of back-end happenings that we as consumers don’t see. Let’s all take a collective deep breath and count our blessings. We got the MP early and that’s fantastic! The gameplay is amazing, so that’s even better! The basic ground work is there, so we need to exercise patience and remember that the 343i devs are also humans.

I wont make a comparison to any other devs/games, but it can always be worse. Halo right now is far from the worst.


Gameplay is amazing but they screwed up literally everything else


How do you think they are gonna fix $20 armour?


I don’t know about anyone else but I like the music of Infinite so far.


They literally said that store prices can be changed in that reddit response post


They’ve said alot of things lol. Player first progression? Look how that turned out

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“The game is solid, but it can be better”


Halo Infinite is one of the best Halo experiences since Halo 3. Game play, weapons, sound, environments, etc, all excellent. Infinite is easily my most played game right now.

And yet, very basic features are missing, features that have been part of Halo for years. Limited game types, limited playlists, limited maps, strange aiming, cross-play, Fireteams splitting in BTB, unable to check challenge status in-game, etc., all of which were intentional design choices. 343 has no plans to add anything to multiplayer on launch day. Yikes!

Although Infinite is the best Halo in a very long time, the design choices the devs had made are head scratching. This seems to be the most commonly held opinion across the community.


“Everything else” is not valid criticism, it’s just subjective preferences.
Name specifics, things you would like changed and give ideas on what to do to fix it.

Well thought out criticism is usually what companies listen to, not just “everything sucks”.

Like progression is terrible, but they’ve stated that’s going to be the next big fix so I’m thankful for them listening. We all take for granted that 343i changes their games and fixes problems with core mechanics, not many other large developers would do such drastic changes in such a short period of time


I’ll list the things I like.
Grapple is a lot of fun, using it with the sword on fiesta was great.
The gameplay is very nice.
The prosthetic limbs are nice and free to boot. Good on them, but monetizing it would have been a PR nightmare I am guessing. Right choice was made regardless tho.
I like that I can play without sprinting.
Some of the physics stuff is wacky in a fun way like Halo 2, but intentionally this time (I think).
I agree on the toxicity stuff, death threats and name calling is out of line for sure.
We cannot act like 343i is completely innocent and misunderstood though. It really doesn’t just amount to unpopular decisions being made on their part.
It has been demonstrated that what they said in the lead up to release is very different than what they gave us. Some might even say that lies were told.
Lots of missing features, that people keep reminding me have fixes in the pipeline.
They had 6 years, (I do indeed know about the production reboots) and the only thing that seems to be finished and fully functional is the store. I cannot comment on purchasing items, as I’ve not made any purchases, but it looks pretty polished.
I do agree that criticism needs to be leveled without threats or insults. I do employ sarcasm myself, which isn’t productive, but while I do think 343i is trying to resolve these issues, I don’t think they have been level with us.

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Hear me out $15 armors.


there is absolutely 0 evidence of this. if they want positive words then maybe they should earn them


I have a lot of problems with the way the game is right now, but I hope the developers can relax and enjoy their holiday vacation.
They did a great job on the game despite everything, and even though there are people going overboard and blaming them, there’s a lot of people who know or have realized that it’s not their fault, and the complaints from them aren’t being directed at the developers.

Like I said. Changes cannot be made at the flick of a switch

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Get off your high horse and be grateful God :roll_eyes:

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