Some people want to watch the world burn some people want to suffer.... Playing multiplayer

Well halo made IGN. Not for good reasons but the complete rampage of PC cheaters. Just played a big team game dude gone 78 and 3 and 88% accuracy great times. No report button no ability to disable cross-play and 343 radio silent as usual.


Rampage of PC cheaters is a bit of a stretch. Sure they are around, but it isn’t as rampant as you are claiming. I have yet to even see one player in my time of playing that I can positively say was cheating. Most of the stuff I would call BS on and probably cheating is like melee not registering and dying around corners, but those have been proven to be bugs and not cheats.

What game mode were you playing? If it was CTF or something then going 78 and 3 isn’t exactly impossible. Especially if they were sniping.

Did you watch the gameplay footage back and watch his POV? If so and he is actually cheating then record it and submit it to Halo Support so he’ll get banned.


You need to get your eyes checked and probably do a little digging. Just load up into a big team battle game see who’s getting all the headshots and who’s up by 30 go back and watch the film like I’ve been doing and watch them literally wall hack sit there and track people through rocks. Or better yet why don’t you go on YouTube because it’s starting to become a problem. I just played three games in a row and watched all three films and guess what happened they’re all tracking through rocks hitting headshots spamming the pistol or br or commando. I don’t know about you but my pistol doesn’t hit headshots spam and across the map. Better yet why don’t you join a big team game and go hide in the back of their base and see who finds you right off bat. That’s how I’ve been catching them and confirming my suspicions.


imagine all the people liviiing for today uh uuuuh.

I’d love to be able to see your game history. Is that even possible any more?

I mean you really don’t have to take my word for it you’re more than welcome to go on YouTube and all the big YouTubers and IGN’s talking about all the cheaters so I don’t know what to tell you kid. :man_shrugging:t3: 4 days ago I was onyx 1647 on Xbox One x. it’s starting to become really blatant obvious in onyx lobbies… I told you what you can look out for. Being shot constantly headshotted with a pistol that is being spammed. Being prenated or pre-fired with no radar or out of range of radar. Hiding and seeing if they find you right off the bat. Works especially well in a big team map like the canyon map where you can easily hide behind their base and see if anybody runs up to you.

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Just because footage of cheaters exists, doesn’t mean everyone who plays well is cheating.


Then the kid who just went 47 and 3 in my big team game needs to be signed to a pro contract then. 93% accuracy 40 headshots. 27 of them with a pistol as I’m watching it. He’s better than ogre one and two. And there’s many others can make a whole team of the people I’ve run into they will completely dominate the pro circuit then.


Sounds like you could make a pretty popular montage of cheating for youtube.

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You could already see some of them go to YouTube and look them up yourself

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I mean, wouldn’t you want to make it of those players you found so you can report them? There should be an in game way, but I thought there is a way to report through the support site, right? I haven’t looked. Could be wrong.

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Did you even read what I just said? Unnecessarily rude.

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The more you post the more it’s clear that you’re really just complaining about people who are better than you.

If you think they are cheating then record it and send it in. Attacking everyone who comes in because we are trying to tell you that not everyone who has a good game is cheating just makes it look like you’re complaining because you’ve never had that kind of a good game.

I just went like over 30 with 7 deaths and pretty high accuracy last night as well as taking out the whole BTB team in the matter of a minute, but that doesn’t mean I cheated it means I had a good game.

I don’t know what you expected this thread to turn into, but it’s not surprising. With almost every new Halo there’s new players coming in that scream cheats because people are really good at the game.

Just saying, I find it funny when people say because “I haven’t seen it, it means it’s not as bad as anyone says it is”.

Just a question,

Do you have access to 343 data?

You reminded me of the players that say the same thing about Destiny 2 Trials, that cheating is literally out of Bungie’s control.

Because if most people haven’t seen the cheating then it isn’t as widespread as you think it is. I’ve played every single day since the release and I have not once come across anyone I can definitively say was cheating. I’m not saying they don’t exist because cheaters are in every game and on every system regardless of crossplay or not. I’m saying it isn’t taking over the game. That doesn’t mean 343 should do nothing, they should. But saying the game is infested with cheaters is a but if a stretch because that implies that most games if not all are full of cheaters when that simply isn’t the case and I bet the majority of people you think are cheating aren’t and just happened to have a good game.

Do you even read what you type? That’s like people saying, I haven’t seen anyone get scammed on the net, so that means the scams on the net aren’t that bad.

Are you for real???

That’s not even remotely the same and yes If 90% of people haven’t seen cheaters then the problem isn’t as widespread as you are making it seem. Sorry if that makes you unhappy, but it’s true. The game isn’t infested with cheaters and as I have said that doesn’t mean there isn’t any it’s just not as big as you want to try and make it and like I said again I guarantee most if not all of these people you are claiming to be cheaters arent and if you are so convinced they are then record it and send it to Halo Support.

If you’re on PC you can hit Windows+G and open the windows game bar and record a clip without having to download any extra programs.

Whether people complain or not, cheating in gaming is at an all-time high in gaming.

Just because some people don’t experience as much as others, it doesn’t mean things haven’t gotten that bad. Cross-play with “F2p” and rewards to be had. You better expect things to get a lot worse these days.

Destiny 2 trials is a prime example of how bad things actually are.

Paid carries
Account recoveries
Modded controls, etc…

With cross-play and the “F2p” cheaters can make as many accounts as they want, and there is no one to ever stop them from doing so, not even the company that created the game. They want a bigger population, well guess what, they will sure as hell get one. That is what “F2p” offers.

News flash, 90% of the player base doesn’t use the forums, or visit the site for that matter.

Show me a like where you got this “90%”? Word of moths holds no ground.

I’ve seen like 5 at least that I could prove