Some people get faster inheritor with less games than other?

I’ve looked in some profiles from different threads and I saw an inheritor and an nova.
If you look at his games you’ll see that the nova has made over 13.000 games and the inheritor only over 7.000. So how its possible than the inheritor gets earlyer to the last rank than the nova with less games. How could that be?
Guy number 1 (Nova | 13.000 games)
Guy number 2 (Inheritor | 7.000 games)
One other fact is that the nova made more firefight games than the other and more competitive games.

How could this be?!?

Do custom games get added? if they do that may be the answer. Another possible answer is that one of the players got banned/reset and had to start over with their rank.

that Nova is a booster so I think he might have been reset

Possibly some boosting going on, I don’t take the Halo Reach ranks seriously any more, the amount of players just standing about in Fire Fight and not getting penalised is a joke, the ranking in future games really needs to be changed, I’m sure it will.

Because the inheritor is better than the nova so therefor he gets more cR a game from performance or…HE BOOOOOOOSTED! :open_mouth:

SuperS0ak was a booster, he got reset in the early days of Reach.