Some one? Any one? Respond?!

I previously made a post about making a clan, and it said this:

"So, I play alot of Halo, and I am considering making a clan. I’m not really sure hot to do so, but I will explain what I mean.
In this clan, I hope to create a fun, interesting group of Halo players. I don’t really if you’re “hardcore” and your K/D ratio is .95… what I care about is having fun.
I want to make a clan where people, can play Halo, and ENJOY playing it. There are a certain number of things I would like though…
A: Please be AT LEAST a Commander. I usually don’t care about rank, but I feel like there should be some sort of requirements. If you really want to join, and you’re a lower rank, just talk to me, and I’ll most likely consider letting you join.

B: Please, PLEASE be over 15. I hate when kids are like, 8 and playing Halo online. I played Halo when I was 7, but I didn’t squeak at people with online. My brother and I stuck to Campaign. We didn’t annoy nobody. So please, take this part seriously.

C: Must want to have a good time. If you rage easily, or quit easily, don’t even think about this. I understand the occasional anger, and a little trash talk, but NO quitting.

D: You must be able to motivate your team. If you say things like, you guys suck, or you guys aren’t even trying, that’s not going to make your team work with you. Hell, if you talk like that, don’t even consider this.

E: I would like people to be able to have… mature fun. If somebody says something about your mama, don’t get pissed. Troll back. I encourage trolling. It brings entertainment and encouragement to the game, as well as the teams. If you like to swear, this IS the place for you.

F: Victory squats. You MUST be able to exercise your win above the other players body, in a way similar to tea-bagging, but at a slower, more painful way that can burn calories as well as embarrass your opponent.

G: You must enjoy all game-types. If we all just want to kill people, then lets go team slayer. If you want to slay some Zombies, lets play infection. If we are all feeling a little rowdy, lets get in the Rumble Pit together. We may tend to stick to Super Jackpot Weekend play lists on the weekend though.

I don’t officially have a name for this clan, and you shouldn’t have to change your Spartan name or colors, but perhaps maybe a matching Service Tag and/or Emblem will do? I don’t even think we should have all emblem colors the same. Just a matching picture will do.
If you’re interested, please post. I will be on for awhile.
Thank you!"
After some careful revision, I decided to edit a couple things…

  1. As someone suggested earlier, the age limit should be 13+, not 15.
  2. I realized that if you are going to swear, please keep it a little more toned down. I learned this the hard way… -_-
  3. Now, there is no grade limit, as long as you have some sort of experience from any other FPS game, Halo or not.
  4. Instead of ALL game types, I realized, that is ALL too broad. I’ve narrowed it down to 10 key game types, besides the Jackpot, which will most likely be played.
    They game types are:
    Team Slayer, Team Swat, Infection, Multi-Team, The Arena, Big Team Battle, Super Slayer, Rumble Pit, Team Snipers, and Anniversary Playlists. Firefight most likely WON’T be played unless a lot of challenges of made, or I/ Someone else makes custom Challenges.
  5. If you are going to be rowdy/unruly, please do so to the other team. If there is any trash talking to you team/ betrayals / Weakening to let the other team kill to grab their power weapon/ ect. you will not be tolerated.
    So, now that we have that out of the way, anybody re-interested? I promise, the only thing you will probably change is your service tag. If you like your armor, keep it. I don’t see why you should change it to be in a group.
    Thanks! And feel free to PM me or reply if interested!

Well, i want to ask, how old are you b/c im picky with players and there age. I like to be with mature ppl. Just letting you know.

Well, if there are small children who are immature/ annoying / unsportsmanlike,
they will not be accepted. Only those who realize they are playing an M 17+ game, and act like it. I won’t be the only person deciding their fate. I believe in a democracy. Or an Oligarchy at least.

> Well, i want to ask, how old are you b/c im picky with players and there age. I like to be with mature ppl. Just letting you know.

Oh! Sorry, didn’t read that right the first time.
I’m 18 years old.

Hey, I’m lookin’ for a new clan to call home. If your still recruiting I’d be more than happy to join, I could be able to help with recruiting, ranks and divisions. If your interested MSG me, although I ask that you please contact me soon as I am looking through several clans for membership. My GT is UJustGotGooched.

I am up for some Halo with you. I play on my own alot and tired of it.

Im 24 but live in England though…

I have also been looking for a clan, a good group of guys to play Halo 4 with. Ive just got back playing Reach for a month now and hate going in alone. If you still are recruiting let me know. I just don’t want a bunch of 13yr olds who are annoying. I am 21yrs old from the East Coast. Been playing Halo since H2 and was a 50 and a 50 in H3. My GT is Xx PiChO Xx… just sent me a message, need to be decent player with a mic. Thanks

Im looking for a clan GT:UFG Virgil
Age: 17