Some of y’all really have a flair for the dramatic

I realize Infinite isn’t in its best state in terms of the monetization and we all have a right to be angry about that. This is Halo’s first ever attempt at a free to play game and they’re trying to think of how to make their money. Some people don’t play Halo’s campaign so some might just get the multiplayer. On top of that, they probably are taking notes from games like Fortnite and Apex Legends who have been doing this stuff and succeeded. I definitely can see why they may have done it but that doesn’t mean it’s the best move for Halo.
Moving on… I love the game itself. Playing matches with a sandbox similar to that of Halo 3, feeling modernized enough to compete with other games, while simultaneously still possessing that original Halo feel where it isn’t too fast paced. I haven’t had a complaint about the weapons (outside of maybe the ravager for a lack of damage output) but I feel like I can go toe to toe against anyone with anything. Armor abilities give the game that nice twist because they’re all good in their own right but don’t give too much of an advantage to the wielder and they also aren’t given to everyone. I hope not much changes in the area of the sandbox going forward.
Now onto another controversial thing… XP gains.
I definitely think it could use some improvement. I’d say maybe more daily bounties to complete or something and up the XP gains of the daily one we have now. While it does move slow, I don’t think it’s the best complaint to make because it gives us something to do since this season is close to 6 months long, however moving forward I definitely would say XP gains can’t be this slow.
To those of you who made it this far:
Thanks for reading. If you’re an angry fan, don’t rip 343 apart for things like the monetization, calling for boycotts and all that. Tell them exactly what is wrong in a more civilized manner. Keep in mind they are saying that they are listening to us and are acknowledging many complaints made.
343 if you’re reading this, Thank you for this game. I haven’t had this much fun in a Halo game since halo 3 and Reach. This game has some INCREDIBLE potential. Just listen to the fans and this game can be played for a long time. I definitely would tone down some of the micro transactions, while simultaneously making a more meaty battle pass, giving us more XP whether it be from challenges overall or more challenges to do, and please don’t touch the sandbox. This game already feels so good in every other aspect aside from the previously mentioned issues above.
I hope you all have a great day, Spartans.

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Also customization of our Spartan feels incredible but the armor shaders feel like a step backwards. I would keep the shaders with where they put some things on the armor, while allowing us to change the color. The second I saw that black armor with the red arm, I wanted to make all the red, blue.

Boycotts are completely valid. You are not friends with 343. You and everyone else owes them nothing.

It’s purely a business-consumer relationship nothing more. You want time and money from players? Offer something that is worth that time and money full stop.

Also the state of the game is not just the monetization.

It’s the lack of content which is probably less than H5, the game still has garbage physics/collision
crossplay issues,
aiming issues on both input options,
Bad and few maps,
small sandbox of weapons and vehicles,
Broken custom games,
Lack of stats,
Questionable but subjective design decisions that don’t satisfy H5 fans or classic purists.

And probably even more issues. The game isn’t that good and no developer ever really deserves to be cut slack.



And some of you have a flair for being a punching bag for this company. No thanks. All form of rational went out the window with other 3 miserable failed launches they released over the past decade. They’re grown. They can get their Yoink together, but refuse to.

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We get it bud, you dont have friends. Satire aside, I think new game modes are going to be slowly introduced, I believe SWAT is going to be here either this week or next week, Collision is an issue I agree with, no collision means no Fatboy Funhouse or any of those fun games, the sandbox will most likely grow as Halo 5’s did, again I’d like to state, this game is going to be a constantly developing game. This wont be a one-off game where we get a new one next year. The game will be constantly improving or attempting to over time. Remember how terrible MCC was at launch?

Just because a game can be patched later doesn’t mean it should get a free pass for launching with considerable problems.


Nobody wants to wait another 4 years for a complete game after we already dealt with halo 5.
This game should have been content complete but yet we get halo 5 part 2 while we wait for content that should have been in the game at LAUNCH.


And it clearly isnt getting a free pass. The amount of negative criticism is pushing away gamers into CoD and Battlefield.

That is a cope, people are leaving the game because of the awful MTX, lack of maps and modes and playlist selections and the slow grindy battlepass that offers almost no reward for time spent

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I realize Infinite isn’t in its best state in terms of the monetization and we all have a right to be angry about that. This is Halo’s first ever attempt at a free to play game and they’re trying to think of how to make their money.

Sorry but I can’t read passed this, you’re thinking exactly what they want you to think, do you really not realise that they have just cut multiplayer from a normal halo title and are monetising it as its own game despite still charging full price for the campaign, just because they sell a single game in 2 halves does not make it ok.

And none of that should be acceptable. MCCs launch was horrific and they shouldn’t be giving credit for improving it. They have an ethical obligation to do that as far as I’m concerned.

As for the new game no, the game should launch with all expected content especially game modes and features from previous titles day one.

Incomplete live service games are a terrible anti-consumer business model.

It’s a garbage early access cash grab. Just because it’s now common in the industry, it doesn’t make it okay.

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