Some of these challenges are RNG and its driving me CRAZY

So some of these challenges have been driving me nuts because unlike other Halo games where you can pick and choose between slayer, actionsack, CTF, ect variants like every other game in MCC, Infinite put them all in dedicated Arena and BTB playlists… Which wouldn’t be a problem except many of these challenges turn into RNG sloughs that are just rough to grind through.

So lets take “Complete 3 Matches of Stockpile” for example 1. I’ve played 8 games and not gotten a single game of Stockpile… So when my objective is to level up, I start feeling like I’m wasting my time when a simple solution would have been to either narrow it down with an objective playlist or have a dedicated gametype playlist for it. MCC had it. Why not infinite and save that headache?

Example 2, maps might not give you the gun you are looking for, or provide the vehicle you are looking for. Am I the only one that experienced that? Some of these spawns are random like the pelican drop, or some spawns that don’t know if its going to be a rocket or cindershot. So when i need to murder a chopper but the maps only produce ghosts… Or if i need to use the Rocket but ordinance said nah its an energy sword today… Now this is compiled with if you even get the map that produces that weapon or vehicle, but unlike previous where I KNEW where the chopper spawned or KNEW where to find that rocket… Sometimes its just not there or its something different.

No hate, just frustration. I dont really know if its an issue with the challenges themselves or what I’m barking about, but it is an issue thats been bugging me.