Some of the worst weapons, melee and bullet magnetization in the franchise

The overall gameplay is smooth. But the precision weapons all play like crap, aside from a perfect kill they do no damage to body shots. And yes you shouldn’t go for body shots, but with how janky and wonky the strafing is in this game. you’re going to miss a headshot, considering anything not dead center of the head is not a headshot apparently. And this melee system is the worst in any fps I’ve played, so sick of getting a player low shields to melee and not kill. Or my favorite not even break their shields/register. And the bullet magnetization my God is it terrible. If someone shoots you in the head, and it will be a kill shot if it hits you can’t escape. It will go through floors walls anything and will kill you. The more I play this Halo the more I dislike it, too many iffy mechanics where a gun will kill one player but not another with the same hits. I love and hate this game, and I want the hate part to go away. Because I know I’ll be playing this for the next 8 years of my life. Halo has always changed little mechanics etc over the years, one thing playing a lot of mcc showed me but most things generally stayed the same. But not this time around too many core mechanics, have been tweeked in little ways that effect the overall gameplay. It’s not a terrible game but I’m sick of not getting kills that clearly should of been a kill, or not agreeing with my kills because I shot them through a wall. But overall I’m agitated most of all by doing things that in any other Halo game, would of been a kill and infinite just being like nope. And hating almost every new weapon in the game. Like they have a purpose but they feel so poorly executed, or that they’re meant for campaign.

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Agreed. After playing infinite, I went to MCC for a few matches. I played Halo 3 and even 4, with all the stuff Halo is known for it was instantly a better experience again and I felt I was at home