Some of my thoughts as a long-time fan and casual pc gamer

Enjoying the game so far. BTB is a bit rough on my 580 though. Stoked for campaign. Music is great. I love bees.

After a couple days of playing and tinkering, here’s what I’ve got.

The progression thing, I didn’t mind it on whole, but there were a few challenges that were a nightmare prospect. The one that stick out were getting a kill with a shock chain and destroying 5 choppers. The odds of being alive AND having the gun+crowd/enemy chopper present, and resources to execute the kill… well the reset saved me from two more hours of attempts. I’m ambivalent on the changes they put in today, didn’t take a look at if the challenges list had entirely changed or not.
Now, the rewards and cosmetics could be a bit better but hey it’s a beta and the season was $10 so I’m not stressed over it.

In terms of guns, Ravager is pretty meh. The other guns I’ve mostly gotten used to. Commando feels pretty good as an archetype, glad to have something that isn’t a BR. I do miss my DMR though. Pistol feels GREAT. As a destiny player I also love the mauler and wanna get really good with it. AR feels good, pulse rifle is tricky, haven’t messed with it too much. Needler - I just have the absolute worst luck with this gun. But it’s fun as always! I don’t snipe much but it felt okay the couple times I picked it up. Stalker DMR and shock rifle are pretty neat. Kinda cool to me that this game’s swat might be with a covenant weapon - but the reticle is gonna take some getting used to.

I think vehicle spawning needs some help in BTB. Usually only see scorpions right before the game ends, and I feel like air vehicles have some sort of schedule or trigger that I’m not understanding. Yeah I could google it.

So for spartan outlines, I’m mixed on it. I get the monetization aspect - I’ll get to that in a minute. I really wish I could turn them down/off though. Or have a mode where they’re disabled. I feel like I’m just shooting at magenta blobs for a third of every fight, and it doesn’t LOOK like shields, it looks like HUD element. Which it is…
Granted, I know there were some changes to that between the flights and the beta release. So plausible it’s getting tweaked anyway.
Also - was a bit disappointed that the “fireteam UI color” option only applies to nametags, not outlines.
Happy that fireteam UI color is an option.

Fireteams, by the way. Doesn’t make sense to me that I’m in a squad with 1-3 randoms when I queued with 4-5 friends into BTB.
A little weird that you can’t mute players from the tab page. Gotta Esc, Tab, then mute. Not an enormous fan of it.

For Keybinds I have one request and one possible bug: I know that we don’t have an inventory, but I would love to be able to designate Scroll Up to Weapon 1 and Scroll Down to Weapon 2. I keep switching back to my empty weapons because I went one click too far on my wheel. Yes in the meantime I should be using a keyboard key, but every other game I play lets me have crispy designated swaps on my mousewheel.
The bug: I think the thumb mouse button icons are reversed in the menu? Or I’m looking at it wrong. The top one looks like what the bottom should look like to me and vice versa.
Love having toggle-to-mute.
Would like a way to move/resize/opacity the text chat.
Would like a way to turn off the profanity filter.
Would like a way to report players in the event of the abuse of said toggle for the profanity filter(or doling out slurs in voice).

On armor and customization: I’m pretty disappointed honestly at the lack of interchangeability. I absolutely love this metallic anniv. green on the mark VII, but I can’t use it on the mark V which I want to put on when I get ODST or Recon, which has been my look for a decade.
I also wish the difference between the body presets was more pronounced. I’m not asking for lewd, nothing in that direction, just more like what we had in reach and ODST. I’m on the most feminine preset and I feel like I’m just a cadet John-117.