Some objects that ought to be added to forge

After the addition of the Pelicans to forge I figured I’d come up with a list of some things that I think could be very useful in halo 5s forge.

  1. Add all REQ vehicles and weapons to forge they did this with the CE magnum why not all the others?
  2. The dominion turret from halo 4. Out of everything in halo 4s forge one of the most quaint was the dominion turret with our current forge and scripting system some sort of auto turret (such as the ones seen in several of the meridian campaign missions) would be very useful
  3. More covenant structures and props such as a phantom, spirit and watchtower.
  4. Blown up vehicles for decorative purposes such as Pelicans,warthogs,ghosts etc.
  5. Some more holograms such as the ones seen during the battle of sunion,on truth and torque.
  6. The anti-air emplacements from the battle of sunion.
    Feel free to add upon my list.