Some new rant.

Something that I’ve noticed is that there’s not much complaint on the visuals/audio on this forum compared to gameplay mechanics, which is understandable but they are just as important.

Remember how much everyone hated that power weapons had a waypoint on it whenever it spawned and how much the forum flamed over that? Well it’s back if no-one has noticed I feel like they should remove that just like they did with the hitmarker noice (but it’s not completely removed, you can hear it everytime you kill someone which is utterly stupid)
I don’t think they should be there because whenever a game loads up you see how the map panes over the locations over the power weapons so having a waypoint to them whenever they spawn is a bit…unneccesary. You already know the location of it’s spawn, your teammates automatically tell you when it spawns. It’s the same with the hitmarker sound which is now a kill-confirm sound.
You already know that you got a kill, you don’t need a sound to confirm it unless you’re blind…(how do you get a kill while blind?..)