Some Multiplayer maps too bright?

Has anyone found that some Halo 4 multiplayer maps are way too bright and washed out? I find Ragnarok is the worst offender. I put the video settings to the lowest and it’s too dark. Put it up one notch and its too blanched looking. I would think it’s my HDTV settings, but every other game I own on 360/PC played on it looks great.
Can 343 do anything post release to add contrast, take the blinding white glare out of that level? I love that map, but the washed out whiteness ruins the experience for me.

Your eyes just aren’t use to seeing such beautiful graphics on the XBOX that’s why.

The game is bright, but it hasn’t been an issue with me. Just because other games are fine doesn’t mean it’s Halo is the only culprit.

I use a device (Datacolor Spyder4Elite) to calibrate my TV, and it looks fine. But that’s a very expensive option.

I’d recommend using some calibration videos such as: