Some more feedback for Halo Infinite

After playing both weekends of the second Halo Infinite flight, I’ve got a few pieces of feedback that I’d like to give.

  1. I think Overshield needs a buff. I’d use it, then it’d be gone a few seconds later. Seems to be a bit weak.
  2. The overtime/sudden death mechanics of CTF should be reworked. Overtime in previous Halo games wasn’t an extra round, so it doesn’t need to be in this one. Overtime should be the only sudden death in CTF. If the enemy can’t capture the flag within overtime, they shouldn’t get another chance just because they are touching the flag. But that’s just my opinion.
  3. I’m not a fan of each map having multiple potential weapon sets. I understand that this may only be a flighting feature, but if a map has the Bulldog and Battle Rifle, it should only have the Bulldog and Battle Rifle, not the Commando and Heatwave.
  4. There should be a greater variety of map sizes. Halo 5 had Arena, BTB, and Warzone maps. Arena was 4v4, BTB was 8v8, Warzone was 12v12. None of the maps overlapped between the game sizes. Classic Halo had maps that were designed for 4 players, 8 players, 12 players, 16 players, etc. And there was plenty of overlap between the maps. Zanzibar worked for both 4v4 Arena and 8v8 BTB.
    4.5 BTB 2.0 is really fun, but classic 8v8 BTB should also make an appearance. Fragmentation is probably too big, with too much going on, for it to work with anything under 12v12 players. Blood Gulch would be too small for 24 players. Thus 8v8 BTB shouldn’t be eliminated. And building off of number 4, we could then have maps that work for both Arena and Classic BTB like Zanzibar.
  1. The armor coatings are inconsistent. A Recruit Brown armor coating might have a different icon and color placement, on the spartan, than the Recruit Red. The coatings should be consistent. Recruit Green should just be a green version of the “base” Recruit coating, just like Recruit Red, Recruit Blue, etc.
    (I’m not a fan of armor coatings in general. I’d prefer it if the coatings didn’t have colors locked to them, and we could pick our colors. Coatings really should just be the shine/grime, the pattern, and number of colors.)