Some Machinima I Wanted To Share

Hey guys,

There isn’t really a forum specifically for posting machinima, so I thought the General Discussion would be the best place.

Anyway, the first machinima is one I made with my clan. It’s in the same style as the HMV Hell series by imsuck and it’s called Ballads of Reach. If you like gratuitous amounts of head bobbing, give it a watch.

The second is one I just impulsively made after listening to a song, and it’s called We Always Won On The Ground. If you’re an avid Halo fan, the title might give you a clue as to the subject matter (which is a pretty simple story anyway).

Hope you enjoy them both and don’t forget to leave me some feedback.


Looks good I will be posting my new machinima series on the forums in a couple of days so you guys should check that out as well.

But anyways this isn’t about me:
Great Job!

Love the intro of the first one… those bring back the memories!

Awsome machinima!

Those were both very cool and well done.

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