Some leader ideas for new content

Some interesting concepts for leaders I think they could have:

Captain Keyes (Miranda or her father):
Hero Unit - Master Chief. Unique trait is that his Y ability switches weapons (with a short cooldown). Each weapon has different modifiers against different enemies as well as other traits. For example the sniper rifle would have high damage vs infantry, moderate vs vehicles, and low vs air, and would buff his sight/range and allow him to act as a detect unit. More/better weapons are unlocked at each upgrade. Luck comes into play as each time you press Y it randomly changes the weapon.
Special leaderpower ideas:
Keyes Loop - Drops Plasma torpedos on the enemy. More points = more torpedos.
Blue Team - Ultimate/12’o’clock power, drops Blue Team similar to Omega Team. Kelly with her shotgun, Linda with her sniper rifle, Fred with The Answer. Doesn’t provide inspire but they are stonger individual units than Omega Team instead.
Crash Landing - Drops an assortment of random ground units
Return to Sender - Once activated temporarily causes all your units and buildings to cause reflect damage. More points = more duration and reflection damage
128,000 bit encryption - Used on enemy bases. Force locks the base, preventing units from coming out once built for a limited duration.
Unique Unit: Helljumper squad. Replaces marines. Stronger unit but 4 pop instead of 3 and costs more supply

Captain Lasky
Hero Unit: Commander Palmer. Similar mechanics to Alice/Douglas/Jerome
Spartan drop - drops 3 S-IVs, each is 5 population and about comparable to an upgraded T1 hero and have the spartan slam but not hijack. Come equipped with random weapons. Can drop more once recharged even if the existing ones haven’t died. Are effected by infantry upgrades.
Forerunner Studies - Passive. First level provides more vision from captured powernodes. Second level spawns 3 friendly sentinels to guard your node upon capture
Airforce: Passive. Unlocks the building of Wasps from the main base
Super MAC: Ultimate. Basically UNSC version of eradication. Quicker casting time but does no damage in the process of detonating like eradication does.
Unique Units:
Wasp - Light air unit built from the main base with the Airforce leaderpoint. Weaker than the Hornet, but faster, cheaper, quicker to build, and only 3 pop instead of 4. T2 upgrade to add shields and T3 upgrade to a hannibal wasp.
Mammoth - Super unit replacing the condor. Armed with missile launchers on the sides and a mini-MAC. Very slow and lacking the mobility of a scarab. Y ability locks it down, providing a large defensive buff as well as the ability to produce infantry and Warthogs/wolverines from it.
Cobra - Classic HW1 vehicle, replaces the Kodiak. Similar range when locked down, but no indirect fire ability (IE can’t shoot over obstacles). Higher population, supply, and now power cost, but considerably more powerful when not locked down.

Kig-Yar Pirate Queen:
Hero: Shipmistress - Flying Hero. Kig Yar in a shieled phantom. Modular and can accept infantry like the Arbiter’s phantom. When fully upgraded it can hold 4.
Scavengers - Passive. Generates a small amount of supply/power from unit kills proportional to their cost.
Keen Senses - Castable upgrade similar to Colony’s vehicle symbiotes only this works on infantry instead of vehicles. Increases effected units vision and range. Level 2 increases radius of affected units as well as allows them to act as detect units.
Unique Units:
Jackal Squad - Replaces grunt squad and consists of 3 jackals. T1 upgrade for arm shields that provides a health buff and a “formation” Y ability that once activated slows the movement speed considerably but provides a large defensive bonus vs frontal damage. T2 upgrade for another jackal + plasma rifles instead of pistols.
Skirmishers - T1 anti-infantry. Replaces suicide grunts. Very fast unit with a Y ability jump similar to reavers. Can shoot enemies behind it while moving forward. T2 upgrade for arm shields that provides a health buff. T3 upgrade for needlers, boosting anti-infantry damage.
Jackal Snipers - T2/3 anti infantry. Replaces Elite Rangers. T3 upgrade for beam rifles which drastically increases damage.
Lich - Super unit that replaces the scarab. More fragile but better mobility. Quick recharging Y ability that stun-locks and siphons health from targeted vehicle, aircraft, or structure.

Drone Queen:
Hero Unit - Drone King - Flying hero unit. Y ability summons a circular defensive swarm of drones that protects units inside from damage and damages enemies within. Damage is delivered and intercepted by drones, so the effect deteriorates rapidly against high dps killing the defensive drones.
Unique Unit - Drone. Replaces the engineer. Faster movement. No shield ability, but has an offensive attack and has an upgrade to add a personal shield. 2 population instead of 3 but with a slighty slower heal rate.

Hero Unit: Prophet of Regret - Eventually upgrades to a flying unit. Y ability brings in a circle of cleansing beams similar to Eradication (Less damage obviously), more like a reversed Decimus leader drop. Beams get more powerful as the leader gets upgraded.
Cleansing Beam Level 4 - Instead of maxing out at 3 like other leaders, Regret would have an enhanced Level 4 beam that is stronger and leaves an AoE effect. (Beam 3 needs to be nerfed, so ideally this would be as strong + AoE as Beam 3 is now).
Divine Inspiration - Passive. Reduces upgrade costs and time for War Council upgrades. Second point reduces cost/time more as well as makes base and unit shields regenerate faster.
Unique Units:
In general, has mostly all the same units just with the classical Covenant aesthetic/skin instead of banished. Elite grunt squads and ghosts like Arbiter and Shipmaster.
Spectre - Replaces the Marauder. Faster but lighter armored

I have the idea for forerunner leader like the didact with sentinel, prometheans and airunits like phaetons and a guardian as superunit.