Some Issues With The Game

Too many people are quitting the game, i assume it is because of the lack of penalty where the matchmaking is now similar to cod where you can quit and its all good just hop into another game.

2nd issue, i should NEVER EVER be put into a game that has ALREADY STARTED, this idea is DISGUSTING, this isnt call of duty. this is halo, it isnt competitive with all this quitting and being put into games that are pretty much a loss, halo is known for matchmaking not this call of duty bullcrap

No teamsnipers, no swat, no doubles, no multi team, fix it quick plzzzzz

FPS lag, it is random and when it happens holy lord good luck in playing the game.

In big team ragnorok is on the cylce every single time, its a horrible big team map full of people who sit back and dont move and for obvious reasons people are voting for it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The Mantis was a horrifying idea, delete that because its a disgusting vehicle which is more troublesome than a tank, im actually certain it takes more stick nades to destroy it than a tank.

The plasma pistols range needs one enormous increase, with all these vehicles everywhere the range is terrible.

Weapon fire rate for the DMR and BR needs a decrease and the auto aim needs toning down to halo 3s kind of auto aim, its just to easy at the moment to aim.

The new flinch thing over being unscoped when shot is a terrible idea.

Im loving the game and will definately be playing as its far better than Reach but man the game got issues.