Some Issues with MP balance

I am really enjoying this game. I feel it’s perhaps the best Halo made, and far surpasses the abomination that was Halo Reach. There are, however, a few points where the game stumbles and the experience is degraded or destroyed. I know 343i takes game balance seriously and I hope they are considering some updates in the future. Anyway, here is a list of things I have issues with:

-Promethean Vision: You should not be allowed to shoot or melee while using Promethean Vision, and/or doing so should deactivate it. The ability to see through walls has been in many other games before, but in every one I played you cannot shoot. This is because it breaks a core aspect of shooting games which is using cover and angles to your advantage. PV should give you a heads up on whats around you NOT let you constantly land shots from around corners.

-DMR: I use it a lot and use it well, but I feel it’s a bit too powerful. The rate of fire should be decreased some or it should be a 6 shot kill. It’s too powerful up close and should be use for mid-long range combat.

-Stopping Power: I can understand some reason to have it in the game, but it just makes things inconsistent and buggy. It should be removed or reduced greatly.

-Mantis: I don’t mind this thing so much but for the love of God please limit the spawning times. It respawns much too quickly (and in fact, I feel all the vehicles respawn too quickly). Also Rockets and Spartan Laser should be more effective at destroying it. Finally, the machine gun and rocket turrets should overheat faster and take a bit longer to cooldown.

-Thruster Pack: It should recharge faster, it doesn’t feel as good as the other AA’s.

-AutoSentry: It should either have more health or do more damage, it too feels less effective than the other AA’s.

-Ordnance: Map based ordnance should appear more consistently/frequently. All the weapons are used in the first few minutes and the rest of the game is played with starting setups. This is especially important in BTB when it comes to stuff like Rockets and SL to fight vehicles.

-Oddball/CTF: The auto grab should be removed and the old system should be brought back (where you tap/hold X to pickup). The only exception maybe if to allow for auto-grabbing of the oddball when it is passed to a teammate (but not an enemy who should have to hold X to intercept).

Thank you for reading.

EDIT: This isn’t a balance issue, but I think Forge is in desperate need of 2 updates: First you should able to see a pieces coordinates by highlighting it ever if it is locked. Second there needs to be some sort of multi-select or group locking option to select multiple objects at once.

Oh, and you should never respawn among a group of enemies in Spartan Ops. Please I’d rather spawn at the start of the mission and run back.