Some issues that aren't regularly talked about

People constantly talk about the main issues which definitely need to be fixed , but there are others that aren’t big issues, just quality of life changes, as well as some that definitely need to be fixed

-When in close proximary to objective items (flag/oddball) , no priority is given for picking up the item. So many times you pickup a weapon instead, when it’s pretty obvious you are trying to pickup the objective item

-Flashing shields seems to mean very little. So many times an enemy has flashing shields and takes 2-3 shots to kill, or melee doesn’t kill them. Is that animation not to show no/very low shields?

-Lack of spawn protection, or just better spawns out of the line of sight of enemies. One death has many times immediately turned into two deaths due to poor spawns.

-Scoreboard post match doesn’t show up like in game. I have no idea why it shows up like that post match.

-watching games in progres is broken. Commonly doesn’t let me watch the person I’m trying to watch.

-While in the menu looking at Fireteam, pressing X removes you immediately from the Fireteam. With X bring the button to press scoreboard, it can cause people to leave accidentally. Maybe change the button, or prompt “Are you sure you want to leave the Fireteam?”


Halo 5 had a perfect system. The item is on your targeting reticle and you are close enough? You will pick up THAT specific item.

Server de-sync is making it so that when you actually hit something; the server has difficulty acknowledging who hit first. Yes on your screen, you struck first with a melee attack. But on their screen they struck first. And depending on how the server syncs up all those inputs, it might side with the guy who should’ve died on your screen.

Spawning is now truly randomized in Halo Infinite, instead of the preventative spawning every Halo has had before it.
So now you can spawn in the line-of-sight of enemies. Or spawn in just to be splattered by a warthog suddenly.

The U.I. is amateurish and needs a lot of work.

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