Some issues/questions regarding Forge

This update is a long overdue step in the right direction. I can now see Infinite ‘most likely’ being fully realised and worthwhile this time next year - maybe. So, I’m dabbling in Forge and creating ‘Beaver Brook’ an ancient human aesthetic(partly inspired by the temple ruins seen in the Halo Legends episode The Babysitter) remake of Beaver Creek. The boulders are going to be carved ala that smiling rock seen in Spirited Away. I know what I’m doing and know the map like the back of my hand, it will be high quality.

After doing this the next map I’m planning is a remake of CE’s Prisoner.

Sometimes selected object outlines inexplicably don’t show, is this a bug or am I missing something?

Applying materials is quite tedious. Being able to create a quick access favourites/recently used list for each category, like object materials, would be preferable to painfully adjusting this 3 times, sometimes to the same settings, for every single object. Whether I try to do that individually or I try to with multiple selected objects at once, there will be materials missing from the list like Stonework or Ceramic Tiles, it’s extremely irritating…is this a bug or am I missing something???

I’ll be making custom geometry floor tiling, wall carvings etc but still, would be nice if materials worked properly.

Another issue, duplicating grouped objects can displace their allignment. Very irritating.

Have they given any indication of when Forge will start receiving patches? I’ve been with the series since 2001 and I suppose I’m a glutton for pain so I am prepared to create high quality content for my fellow content-starved fans. But if patches and implementations into matchmaking are going to be as pathetically slow as usual, this will temper my enthusiasm. I have irl stuff to do and gaming wise I have Persona 5 Royal, The Witcher 3 Next Gen, High On Life, The Callisto Protocol etc etc.

P.S. Need water.

There’s going to be some fun little easter eggs like “SPARTAN 1337 WAS HERE!” engraved in rock somewhere next to some pterodactyl bones.