Some Issues Im Having

I know theres already a thread but im looking for a quick and direct answer to the issues ive had. Really only concerned about the first issue…

  1. Purchased the LE, however did not receive any specializations after redeeming the code. I also noticed that the marketplace says I have to pay 2000 for the map pass, which I also do not have.

  2. Killcams seem inaccurate. They show the opponent missing their shots and occasionally something totally irrelevant is shown. And no this is not me just complaining about dying. Maybe this is a hitbox issue.

  3. Waypoint doesn’t show my actual armour. Don’t really care about this, just something I figured they should know.

  1. Specializations are unlocked at SR-50 for everyone. You’ll just have more to choose from when you get there.

  2. The killcams are a bit buggy and 343 is working to correct this as we speak.

  3. Is [this]( XCV/h4/spartans/fullbody?target=large) the armor you are looking for? :wink:

How come i’m seeing people lower than 50 with them? I was under the impression people with the LE received these early.
And what about the map pass?

I’m not sure about people under SR-50 using specializations, and admittedly I’m not totally sure what the specializations thing in the LE was supposed to do either. Anyways, the map pass will allow you to download the three planned map packs (each 800 MSP a piece normally, I believe) for free once they are released.