Some issues I believe are plaguing multiplayer

I love Halo and the excitement I had for this game was tremendous but after playing for about over a month I have run into many issues that honestly take my motivation to want to play this game. For starters the melee is completely off and is up to whether the game allows you to hit the other player or not. Secondly I’ve always loved Halo’s maps, but only 4 maps for ranked and couple more for casual? There needs to be more content soon. Thirdly, I would say the sandbox feels off especially when it comes to cracking peoples shield. Making it a one shot to the head but another 5 full bursts to the body is just ridiculous. On top of that there is severe D-sync that just ruins some players experience over time. Please I am begging you 343 to see this and make some changes to this game. I appreciate the work you’ve done but I believe theres still a lot more to be done.


No offense but you got so much stuff wrong.
You’ll probably be happy to know that there are 6 maps for Ranked not 4. And the BR is 4 shots not 5 or 6, buddy…

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Of all that could have been your first post, you chose to post this…

he said 5-6 bursts to the body after shields pop

It’s two bursts after Shield pops. That makes it 6 bursts total without a headshot, but I don’t think that’s what he meant.

factor in desync, then yeah its what he meant

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It’s the servers for me or the matchmaking algorithm. It’s broken