Some Issues found on Day 1

Here are some things that I found the first day I started playing. The issues will be listed by categories.


Some items will not stop the loading process and will not allow you to equip them. This problem persists between games and will not go away until you exit the game and come back.

The Eridanus Sunset, common ai color, shows as a blank option in the row. You can hover over it and it will display the color but in the row of available selections, it is blank. At least it was for me.

Different previews of cosmetics, say you select an ai, will shift the view in it’s little box when performing certain actions.

If there is armor locked behind a battle pass and you buy the battle pass right after, it will not unlock the armor piece until you leave customization and come back to it.

It would be nice to see how many armor pieces you have unlocked when you hover over an armor type. As if you hover over wrist attachments and it would show right above it, 3/5 unlocked.

When you preview a voice for an ai when you are hovering over it, the menu will switch the view to your equipped ai and if you press preview voice again it will instead preview the voice of the ai that you have equipped even though you are not hovering over it.


In-game voices do not have a pop-up showing who is talking.

When the BR75 has 1 round left in the magazine it will make a 3 round burst noise instead of a single shot noise.

Game play_______

The spawning for 4v4 needs some work. One game two members on my side quit and the other teammate and I had trouble spawning anywhere near each other. Even if we died near the same time, my teammate would spawn and I would spawn immediately afterwards on the other side of the map.


The mouse wheel scrolling doesn’t work when you should be able to scroll, say in a text menu, even though it has a slider. The slider has to be manually moved to scroll.