Some interesting things I noticed in campaign

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Halo 5 and 6 are going unfold, and I feel that there is a huge part of Halo 4 that everyone has neglected to analyze in detail.

The Liberian has altered MC’s DNA, allowing him to become what she intended the Human race to become when she first altered our DNA Eons ago.

343i really skims over the details of the alterations the Librarian made on MC. All we positively know is he is immune to the composer (which is a huge deal, as it is/was the Didact’s greatest weapon against us.) And for such a serious thing to have happened, and 343i, through MC and Cortana’s conversations, to really go into no detail, is really telling to its true importance.

Obviously none of us can really know where they are going with this, but my theory so far is Chief, maybe unaware of it, has become humanity’s key to becoming The Reclaimers, and attaining the Mantle, as the Precursors intended. I’ll point out a couple pieces of dialogue from the game to back this claim up.

In the Intro, Halsey says, “Your mistake is seeing Spartans as military hardware. My Spartans are humanity’s next step, our destiny as a species. Do not underestimate them, but most importantly, do not underestimate him.” This to me is the give away. The Intro always seemed truly out of place, and I always felt like its context was much greater than just Halo 4. We have to remember this is the Intro for an entire trilogy, not just one game, and those are some very, very powerful words when seen outside the prism of Halo 4. That quote is as prophetic as they get.

The Librarian backs up the importance of the quote above in a Myriad of ways. Her entire dialogue with the Chief confirms that Halsey is right on the money, but the best part is that the Librarian indirectly admits that NOT ONLY WAS THE CREATION OF MASTER CHIEF INEVITABLE (he arguably holds the most powerful / superior DNA in the Galaxy, as Humans are meant to take the Mantle and Spartans were picked for their perfect genome + he stands out as the most superior Spartan) BUT DR. HALSEY WAS INTENDED / INEVITABLE. This is proven when the Librarian not only claims her work practically created Master Chief Eons ago, but also HIS AI, WHO IS A CLONE OF HALSEY. So her work / thinking is what has satisfied the work of the Librarian. So indeed, her claim the Spartans are our species destiny holds significant value.

The Didact, when he first meets Master Chief, proclaims that, “Man has yet to attain the Mantle.” Yet, with the help of the Librarian, is this still true for Master Chief? The Didact expresses his confusion/ frustration that Chief is still alive near the end of the game. Obviously Chief does not have the Force-like abilities that the Didact does, but Hell Luke Skywalker didn’t either for awhile, but its presence sure helped him get there.

Here’s the one I cannot believe people haven’t been more confused about… SPARTAN IV’s HAVE PROMETHEAN VISION in war game, when the hell did that happen?? Of course this could just be 343i wanting to give us some cool ability that has no foundation in Lore, or, and correct me if i’m wrong, the simulated training missions on Infinity take place after Halo 4, thus whatever the Librarian did to Chief has been reversed engineered and used on the other spartans. EDIT: PV is an armor ability, but the final cutscene is interesting in how everyone seems to be rushing to get MC’s armor off, while the Didact is giving a speech about how Humanity is the great threat the forerunners face. This could be VERY metaphorical to Chief being reborn as a true Reclaimer of the Mantle / Evolving. Like a snake shedding his skin and becoming a new.

Finally, if my above hypothesis is correct, than that would completely fit in with Halsey’s Intro speech. Indeed Spartans are our species destiny, Chief is at the origins of it, and we are beginning to attain the Mantle.

Now for how this will play out in this Trilogy. I don’t think Humans are going to catch up with Forerunners overnight, nor do I believe all out war with them or any other advanced species is coming super soon, but the last cinematic is very telling to the pace Humans are now gaining on the Forerunners. The HUGE military constructs at the end, we’ve never seen ANYTHING like that. So, I believe this Trilogy will basically be about us getting to a point where we begin to Attain the Mantle and become equal with forerunner tech, and I believe Chief will play a huge part in this, purely because of the superiority his DNA, and the Librarian’s prophetic words about him and how he was destined to be, as she basically believes Humans > Forerunners, and wants to help us attain the Mantle.

Lastly, and this part is actually really promising, if this is how the Trilogy ends up unfolding… Wow, Halo has a long future ahead. Halo 7+ I believe will be MUCH more futuristic. Basically back at where things were when the Flood made us run for it. It would almost be an entire new game, but with such amazing, deep, and complex lore to back it up. The possibilities become endless, and the integrity of the Halo Universe would become concrete. It wouldn’t feel like milking at all. It would feel genuine, and would almost most definitely bring back that indescribable feeling of mystery and discovery the first time you immersed yourself in Halo:CE.