Some interesting changes

Two important updates that i think are necessary to make BTB a more enjoyable game type would be to bring back BTB heavies (you all know what that is), that was my favorite game type in H3/Reach. But with set loadouts not custom ones. Br Magnum, AR Plasma Pistil would both work i think.

Also a classic slayer where you had one loadout, preferable BR primary, magnum secondary (as they are the classic weapons), and a frag grenade. If that where made a playlist, all the vehicle lovers would really enjoy that, and the warthog would once again be a beast. There would also once again be map movement.

This was just kind of an idea i was throwing around i’m sure there are flaws but what if there was a BTB gametype where the loadsouts only had automatics weapons? And a bunch of Rifles on the maps, what would be the flaws with that?

Any ideas?

I think a BTB Heavies playlist would benefit greatly from a larger, more open, map, such as the size of Sandtrap. While Ragnorak is suitable, “heavies” gametypes need to be more open to really let them shine.

The coming map pack will only have medium to small size maps, but I’m really hoping that the 3rd will have at least 2 maps that are intended for BTB.

As for the classic playlist, have you tried playing Team Throwdown? While it is dubbed as the “competitive playlist”, it’s not exactly MLG, in my opinion. It provides a very classic Halo feel that I think you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for that.

I, personally, would love a Squad Battle and an Action Sack playlist. But I’m patient. I’ve been really happy with the changes and additions that have come to matchmaking in the past few weeks. :slight_smile:

I am happy with the changes as well and i do like throwdown but i’ve always been either a FFA guy (i think i’m gonna like rumble pit) or a BTB guy and i think BTB really needs a classic gametype in it.