Some ideas Halo infinite

Hi! I hope this reaches someone. I have a few ideas that hopefully may spark some inspiration towards the game where in can influence gameplay at a later date or as soon as possible… here it is.

  1. The Academy should of been an open hub area where spartans can walk around and meet other spartans in a 3rd person view settings. Being the academy purpose is to train new spartans it should be comprises of different training areas such as different obstacle course for each ability, weapon drills, and maybe some fun side thing for spartans to interact and do things togethee like a small game of 2v2 griffball or something in that nature. While the area is in a 3rd being a 1st person shooter, when ever entering any of the above mention areas view setting will switch from 3rd to 1st person. The academy ahould also have vendors. Maybe a vendor for each weapons, armor, color, vehhicles, AI, and so on.

  2. As far as challenges and events go these should have been focused more towards campaign since campaign has an open world setting now, this will give the campaign more replay value while also bringing in more halo lore depending on what ideas can be made for these events. Events dont really make sense for small pvp game modes. Events are more ideal for co op campaig, firefight, and warzone. Having these three things would have kept player interested on a more social level. As far as challenges go challenges should be for game modes such as infection, griffball, king of the hill. These are fun layed back game modes while other game modes like slayer, strongholds, capture the flag and oddball donr really work as well. These game modes should be comprised of a warm up playlist for competitive rank.

  3. Progression should be seperated by social and rank. All the fun silly customization progression should be earned in social playlist and campaign while all the elite legendary armor customizations should be earn in rank by earning certain medals and rank. This will entice more people to get good at the game while also giving options and including everyone. This will also show in the mention hub area who is an elite halo player and those who are a social player. Theres a dynamic here that keeps the game fun while also creating this subconcious comeptetiveness.

These are the idea i had and hopefully some of these will inspire something moving foward

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These are all really good ideas! I totally second this.