Some ideas for some multiplayer modes at launch!

The new Infinite multiplayer reveal has me excited, and I wanted to share some suggestions for Infinite game modes that can maybe be added at launch:

Big Team Battle
Capture the flag

All of these are staples, but what about some other ones we can throw in?

Classic Slayer (No sprint, classic weapon spawns and drops, no abilities)
Classic Big Team Battle (Same rules)
Rumble pit
Team objective
Bomb assaults
Co-op campaign matchmaking

I don’t know if firefight is back yet or not, but if so, matchmaking for that would be great!

Thanks for hearing me out!

Idk if big gamemodes like invasion is a thing they’ll do. But I am a really big fan of large teams trying to defend or attack the objective. But firefight is something I would love to see again.

Invasion would be a blast to play again!

and MLG maybe even MLG FFA :slight_smile:
during Halo 3’s prime, 1/5 the MLG customs were MLG FFA, why not try rotating in Ranked MLG FFA? :slight_smile: