Some Honest Ideas

So, I haven’t played the Beta yet, but I have watched plenty of it, and I just have a little bit to say about some things I feel can be adjusted.

First, I’ve seen that the SMG and AR are a bit too strong. Nerf them slightly.

Second, there should be an option to get the old view for zoom back. The new one decreases the peripheral vision there was before.

Finally, the default controls should be the Halo 4 controls, with LB being thrusters. I’ve seen so much gameplay where people are aiming with every shot and getting descoped constantly. It looks terrible, and I think CoD or Destiny muscle memory just harms these players.

I have more to say, but I will not say it, as I feel that hands-on time with the Beta will allow me to judge those things better.

As a community, we should all be giving feedback like this. End the complaining. Give real constructive feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and Long Live Halo!

Personally, it’s a shame that ADS and Sprint are in here, because if they weren’t, Halo 5 would be an extremely good game. I only hope they remove them or at least remove Sprint and give us an option for the old zoom.


-The haze on Truth is annoying as hell. I think it’d look better if the haze was gone. Get back to that crispier detail like in 3.

-AR is powerful, but I don’t think it’s power should be nerfed. Instead, just slightly decrease the ammo count and range (about 10-15).

-Pistol is great, but when playing against skilled players it was just weak and not useful. I think it would benefit better if it was buffed just a little bit, or given a range buff (about 5)

-DMR is DMR. Only problem I have with it is the Scope looks hideous. They should fix that.

-Sniper is alright, I didn’t use it much, but I don’t like the Halo 4 look of it. I’d prefer the H2A look instead.

-Flinch needs to go, period. Even though it doesn’t move your crosshair, it’s still pretty jarring.

-GP should be kill on direct hit, but have shields popped when you’re hit in the AoE (Area of Effect)

-Sprint is still Sprint, and I still don’t like it. Feels even more useless than in Halo 4. They should just get rid of it or rather let us shoot while sprinting.

-Killcam is buggy, and they should make it a toggle when you die instead of showing it first. The music when you die is annoying, too.

-Hover should be manual for default.

-SMG should have a range nerf. Either that, or make it a power weapon.

-Motion tracker should have elevation removed.

-Jeff sounds a lot more annoying than in 4. I’m not annoyed by his enthusiastic tone more so than the fact that he never shuts up.

-Too many medals for so little things. The designs look better, but I think they should decrease the number of medals you get. Save them for the good kills and sprees.

That’s all I’ve got so far. Overall, I’m satisfied with the Beta, and although it’s debatable whether it may be as good as the Big 3 (especially when we’ve only played such a little bit of it), I feel it’s safe to say it’s much better than 4 or even Reach. But if they were to just get rid of ADS and Sprint, it could be a great Halo game.