Some Halo Wallpapers

Hello community! I am a screenshot artist, and I pride myself in making unique photos in Halo: Reach, primarily large computer background wallpapers. If you enjoy nice screenshots, or maybe are looking for a new wallpaper, please do take a look at my file share. Links provided below.

Airborne - A nice mixture of Banshee and nature.
The Storm - My favorite wallpaper so far.
Cosmic Warrior - A cool, blue themed wallpaper featuring an spacial background.
The Dishonored - Featuring the true ferocity of the Elites.
Buried in Flames - Flames, everywhere!

Take a look and let me know what you think! MANY more in my file share! Thanks for looking! -HC

If you’re having trouble with the links, here is a link to my file share, rather than each individual picture.

Very nice…Banishment is my favourite, but thats just me:)

Im having trouble getting to each individual picture. I keep getting to the Halo CE remake.

I know, the links are weird. Sorry for the inconveinence.