Some general forum quality of life reccomendations

Hey guys,

Not sure if this has been posted about before, but I thought it would be a good idea to post some ideas I had that would drastically improve our ability to navigate and participate in the forums. Feel free to add to the list below guys. Mods please move me if I’m in the wrong place, thanks!

So without further ado:
1. Sort feature: Think like amazon or server browser. The ability to sort by number of replies, date posted, etc. I don’t always like to jump into a thread with 782 replies, and it would help in finding threads you haven’t read or responded to, and maybe that haven’t really been seen yet.

2. Filter function: This is mainly because I hate seeing locked threads. I feel like there should either be a way to filter them out, or they should be bumped to the bottom of the stack.

3. In thread profile options: Like the ability to message a user without navigating all the way to their profile. In addition, a built in chat/messenger system would go a long way in organizing events quickly.

4. A way to peek into threads: This may be beyond the programming capabilities of the website, but it would be very useful to be able to read part of a thread by hovering over it with your mouse. In addition, the ability to know more about another user by hovering over their avatar would be useful as well, such as linked xbox account information and spartan avatar without having to click on their profile.

5. Visible metrics: The rank system is cool, but I think the ability to view metrics on posts/replies etc, would go a long way in establishing rapport. Similiar to Reddit Karma, but not so visceral.

6. Tags and improved search function: Not gonna lie, the search function is my least favorite portion of this website. The fact that you can’t really filter results(outside very basic parameters) means everything is in chronological order. The majority of users aren’t going to flip through pages upon pages of results, and you would eliminate alot of redundant topics by improving this function. You could also add in a little note when they are about to post, saying a similar topic has already being discussed(with link). A well thought out tagging system would aid in this as well.

7. And finally, a front page forum hopper(like reddit) would give users the ability to see trending and rising topics, and could be augmented with live xbox live player metrics in the top right hand corner. Essentially this would act as a dashboard for forum users, showing not only topics, but the top contributing online users and the xbox live player base. It would also have shortcuts to everything, such as the improved search, trending tags, messages, online friends etc.

Thanks for reading. I realize there is a cuttoff, and the reason this website is so simple probably comes down to the fact that the more complicated a site, the more people you need to hire to keep it running. It’s simple and it works, but it could be better. Thanks for reading, and feel free to add your suggestions below!

There’s already a sticky thread for Waypoint improvement suggestions: