Some general feedback

I’m seeing a lot of posts about Aim Assist and funky controller inputs. I don’t play with a Gamepad so I’m gonna take everyone’s word on that.

I kinda like the challenges thing, but the XP output looks like its pretty low. I think I could possibly advocate for both sides of the aisle when I think that there should be XP based on performance in game (medals, kills, assists, objective interactions, etc.) ON TOP OF XP gained out of challenges. That’ll generally make progression a bit more casual for players who can’t play all day everyday, with the added bonus of people getting extra XP out of doing said challenges.

I think the Grav Hammer’s physics effects on ragdolls are weird. What I think is happening is that Player Death Animations are taking priority over Ragdoll physics based deaths. As I’ve seen videos of people using the Grav Hammer to kill players and launch them at the same time, you just have to be angled kinda strange and a little close.

I do kinda think the bullet magnetism needs to be upped a little bit. Not a terribly high amount but enough for our friends on Xbox to be able to go toe to toe with PC players a little more fairly. Given some of the nutty plays I’ve seen with PC players, I’m sure you guys can understand the importance of a balanced experience.

I haven’t gotten the chance to play during the actual multiplayer part of this flight yet, and so I dunno if the Shock Rifle shows up at all on any variants of the maps, but my (very undeveloped) feedback on the Shock Rifle is that its kinda weird to shoot and I can’t tell how much damage to the shields the arcing damage is doing. It seems pretty small based on the tests I’ve done in Weapon Drills. Maybe a slight bump on the damage, Maybe 3-5% of a buff to the arcing damage.

I don’t know a whole lot about how outlines are done on your side but I like the idea of outlines. However, on some Spartans the outlines seem too intense and others it seems weak. I dunno if you can tweak outlines both Friendly and Hostile to either be more generalized, or if y’all have to scrap it for the old school team designation of ID tags and Service Tags. With the hostile teams having no Tags above them. I’m not too picky on it, others in the community seem to be throwing a pretty big fuss over it though.

I like what y’all did with the Plasma Pistol sounds, very beefy and powerful even if the weapon isn’t that terribly powerful. Needler sound is an improvement but it could sound a bit more “glassy”

I like where the Dynamo Grenade damage and function is where it is. Very well done.

For any Flight Players that made it through this long post of mine be sure to post your feedback here and on the Halo Insider Support Tickets.