Some (friendly) suggestions regarding unlocks and monetization

Before I begin, I would like to preface this by saying I’m not going to join in the cacophony of voices on this forum that are all universally shouting, “REEEEE microtransactions REEEEEE!” That is not what I am here to do. Besides, there are plenty enough threads on here for that kind of thing. That particular topic doesn’t need me to fuel that fire. They all have a right to be angry. I’m a bit angry myself over this, if I’m perfectly honest.

Instead, I would like play Devil’s Advocate in this situation by saying… well, I get it. The multiplayer portion is FREE for everyone. It’s gotta make money somehow. MTX was going to play a factor in that whether we all wanted it or not. Them’s the brakes.

That being said, there are aspects of how the game handles monetization that needs some work. I would like to present some suggestions in how to improve it. Hopefully, these suggestions will be looked at and considered, if not by 343 themselves then maybe by other players in this community.

  1. Items From Bundles Should Be Purchasable Individually
    I don’t like that the only way to acquire certain items via the Shop are only through purchasing bundles. I don’t want to shell 20 bucks for a set of armor I don’t want when I’m just interested in, say, the helmet. I should be able to just buy the pieces I want for just 5 or so dollars if I really wanted to. This can also apply to stuff like coatings for armor, weapons, and vehicles, as well as stuff like nameplates, end match poses, and other things.

  2. Select Items From The Store Should Be Earnable Via The Ultimate Weekly Challenge
    This is a no-brainer and I think would save everyone a big headache. The idea that you can earn extra items not available on the Battle Pass by completing the Ultimate Weekly Challenge is a good enough incentive. It gives players a carrot to chase over the course of a week or however long it takes them (though the difficulty of said Challenge could be a bit easier, but again, that’s not why I’m here). However, these items are not in the Shop, at least from what I can see. Say, for example, I don’t want to spend 20 dollars on the Anubis Armor Bundle. Nor do I want to spend the five for just the helmet or any other armor piece (assuming the above change was ever implemented). I go to check what I can get via the Ultimate Challenge this week and, le gasp, would you look at that! A piece from the Anubis Set that’s JUST NOW being advertised this week is earnable from that week’s Ultimate Weekly Challenge! Amazing!

  3. Individual Pieces Acquired From a Bundle Should Mark Said Bundle For a Discount
    I play a lot of Destiny 2, right? It’s a similar game that has a… let’s call it “similarly controversial” approach to its monetization. But that’s neither here nor there. There are actually one or two aspects of that game’s monetization that I actually don’t mind. One of which is actually relevant to this particular topic! See, D2 does this thing where if you acquire a certain piece of cosmetic armor (which are often made available for free via an earnable in-game currency called Bright Dust), you have the option to purchase the rest of that set in a bundle for a marked discount. Every piece you acquire adds to that discount. This same approach could be used with Infinite. If every piece of armor (or coating or end match pose or nameplate or what have you) is made earnable individually that is also sold via bundles (as previously stated in my first and second points above), that should mean the bundle itself is sold at a greater and greater discount for every piece acquired.

Look, MTX in games is awful. I know. It’s not a great thing to hear when a game you’re looking forward to is going to have some kind of monetizable aspect that gets in the way. But there are ways where it can be handled in a more respectful manner than what we have now. In a perfect world, this game wouldn’t have microtransactions to begin with and we’d all be perfectly happy playing Slayer and talking trash to each other. But we have to live with this now. The only thing we can do is hope those monetization aspects are improved and made… less aggressive than how they are currently.

That’s all I have to say. I’m not sure if I’ll really respond much in here. I know this is a really white hot topic right now and that it’s super controversial to have an opinion that isn’t… y’know, “REEEE microtransactions REEEE!” I just want what’s best for the game like all of you and… well, I’m willing to just throw my two cents in and leave it at that. Can we all be nice to each other at least on that front?


I don’t think it’s controversial to have an opinion that isn’t just screaming. I’ve heard a lot of people giving suggestions about how microtransactions could be done less aggregeously. Some people aren’t going to happy with them no matter what, but personally I feel they just need to add to the customization that was already there, and be done in a reasonable manner.

These suggestions seem like a good step. I especially like the part about owning some items providing a discount on the bundle. Personally, one of the biggest pet peeves is when I own a game, and when buying all the DLC is more expensive than buying a bundle with all the DLC. So a suggestion like you said would be much appreciated if they do end up selling things individually.

I think this could really help them get some money, and alleviate some of the frustration. More people would be willing to pay a smaller price, and whales would probably still buy the whole bundles anyways. I could be wrong. I’m not financially expert, but I’d be surprised if it ended up losing them money.

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You would be surprised at how many look at similar nuggets of feedback and laugh them off as “wishful thinking coming from a dirty bootlicker.” I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this community drawing battle lines and dividing itself over a damn video game. It’s petty and pathetic and it ironically has shades of America’s current political climate.

What’s even sadder is bits of feedback like this thread are gonna get buried. The sheer VOLUME of noise coming from the “pro vs. anti-343” argument drowns out any potential room for calmer voices like mine to speak up. It sucks. I don’t know why I even bother sometimes. :confused: