Some Forge Thoughts

  1. Special Blocks

You could use a special block to mix up the gameplay a little. For example, you can configure the trait zone to connect with a special block. This block acts like a button. If melee’d or shot at, it will effect the specific trait zone it is connected to. So you can have a trait zone with overshields set to it. Then shoot or melee the special block and you can set it to no shields. Or you can make it so when you shoot it, your shields recover slower. So the special block has its own traits different from the trait zone.


I think there should be a map where we have a huge area of space reserved just for forge. If you leave you’ll die, and if you’re in human mode you will float randomly. So trait zones are a necessity.

  1. Breakable Objects
    Glass, walls, etc…

  2. NPC’s
    I know this has been asked a lot, but it could add many cool things to a game. Usually you see a game and the map has a destroyed deserted feeling. Now we can have wars happening right at the moment.

Title is misleading, I came in thinking I was gonna get new info, I left being dissapointed. You should change it to “My Forge Ideas” or something.

100% sure people will figure out how to create what you call Special Block. Just like “doors” in Halo 3 Forge.