Some Forge Suggestions For Improvement!

I tried the forge and it looks fairly good on the surface and I like that a lot more can be done now but when you dig deeper the little things are what bother me and a lot of little things that bother me equal a big problem. I’ll try to keep this short. I hope this feedback is seen and isn’t taken as hate it is just my opinion on things and I hope these “ideas” are taken seriously.

  1. It would be nice if there was a way to “preview” an object before spawning it. With so many objects to pick from a preview option would be nice.

  2. When spawning an object sizes should NOT be listed in the menu, instead while previewing / selecting an already spawned object one should be able to set the size and visually see the size change so it is easier to get the size right… Instead you get to sit there for what seems like could be an eternity trying to pick the right size of the right object you want to spawn.

  3. Being able to move while picking an object would be nice… Maybe assign the menu selections to the d-pad and allow the sticks to allow the forge monitor to move around freely.

  4. The controls could use some simplifying. Maybe have a complex mode and a simple mode for forge?

  5. What happened to the game options for forge? I wish one could select who has the right to be in monitor mode and who is stuck as a Spartan (Kinda like host only option in halo 3 forge except better). Would also be able to select what weapons people spawn with, how much health people have etc… Forge used to be more than just a map making gamemode it was a gametype in its own right.

Alright so I am done with my rant and I am sure I could add more to the list of changes I’d like to see/ wish were already in place. Feel free to comment and maybe someone high up in 343 will see the post. For now i am going to be waiting until things are changed/improved which I am sure 343 is open to feedback so I hope this is the right place to post it!

P.S. I have made well over 100+ Halo 3 and at least 30+ Halo Reach maps so don’t say I don’t know how to forge.

Idk know about the controls though because I’ve only used forge for about 20 mins so far and I’m already making buildings and stuff
in the other forges I just used the prefab stuff so I think it’s a good idea to get rid of them so people like me don’t just use them all the time. It helped me get a lot better