Some Forge Options/ Changes

Alright just starting off here.
Halo 4’s Forge isn’t bad it could be improved a lot but lets not start about that now.

I wanna give ideas to 343 to improve forge for the next game lets begin.

Forge World 2.0

  • This can be the forge world from reach, just redo the graphics.
  • Another thing you can do is make it even bigger and maybe even add different environmental zones such as snow, swamps, volcanic, Ocean, desert,under ground terrain and even space.
  • Even add extras to the area such as thunder storms with lighting and rain, fog, snow falling, flooding, and an erosion option that can be used on buildings and the landscape.

Forge Ring

  • What i mean by a “Forge Ring” is literally take forge world and make it into an entire halo ring that you the player can fully explore and forge anything anywhere.
  • Maybe have multiple rings that each have their own individual environments such as the ones listed above.
  • Perhaps when you start its a totally blank ring with no Forerunner structures and since it’s forge you can place them where you want them instead working around them, you can work with them.

Since I’m a vehicle kind of a guy i would expect forge to have all the cool vehicles from the campaign in forge but, i was mistaken. Imagine the Mammoth from Campaign was accessible in forge, it would make flood mode even more of a challenge, plus you can drive and deploy it anywhere.

But yeah all the vehicles from the entire game would’ve been cool.

That’s all I have for now 343.
Think about it,
and thanks for listening.

Lets hear what you guys want.

While some of your ideas are great, you have to keep in mind that the Xbox has a limit. If they really made an entire forgable Halo ring, the game would crash every time you placed an object.

I do agree they need to push the limits to change the enviroments, and also have different themed objects, because haveing the limits we have now while having Sprint as a constant ability really limits forgers. But like I said the Xbox has limits, so I dont expect Forge to get any better until maybe the next couple of games, or until the next console comes out witch is later this year.

FYI, they had already announced that they were going to make 2 more Halo games after Halo 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i hope they put my ideas in the next games.