Some Fixes/Suggestions After All Day Play Session

  • There is a bug in BTB control where neither team can capture a third control point it just remains neutral until the time runs out

  • Even the updated progression is far from enough. There needs to be more XP rewards for playing the game maybe for winning, playing well, etc. You could be in a 10 minute Slayer or a 45 minute Stronghold and come out with only 50xp.

  • Challenges some are way too specific and super hard to find. For example I have to kill 3 enemy banshees. I literally played for 12 hours yesterday and only saw 2 banshees and they were my allies.

When an enemy scores a point in the game a Red banner/notification should pop up on the screen. When the enemy scores too many times I thought my team scored until the voice says “enemy team…”

The game is great but I really fear that this slow and unfulfilling progression system will really deter people initially or after a while. This happened in Gears of War.

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