Some feedbacks and requests.

Hi everyone.
I just wanna say that the new system where we can still grind for season 1 battle pass is great.
3 second starting search and 5 second match starting cooldowns are kinda pointless it would be cool to see it removed if possible of course. Maybe adding some new loading screen pictures cuz we only have just 1, since the beggining of the game.
Lastly, i think it would be so cool to have some co-op multiplayer modes like where we faced of some waves of banished and complete certain missions, maybe even more like halloween or christmas themed wave based modes cuz this games has a great potential i think.
Feel free to share ur thoughts please and have fun to all !


I know it’s not a priority compared to the other glaring issues in this game, but i can’t stand the loading screen and honestly hate looking at it. It’s just boring and not aesthetically pleasing at all. Seems like it could be swapped easily or if there were some variety that might help.

EDIT : They have great artwork available, i just don’t understand why they choose this current image ( a picture of some geometrical columns ) when they have so many other great options. Maybe there is a reason that is beyond me, but i think they missed a great opportunity to display something more inspiring or meaningful to the player.

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I’m very thirsty for some PvE content. Firefight or a reimagining of Spartan Ops with Infinite’s PvE sandbox would be amazing, IMO. Hopefully one day after campaign coop launches we’ll get additional MP PvE experiences, but I’m not expecting we’ll see anything until after campaign coop.

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