Some feedback on the Ranking System and request.

The ranking system is quite nice visualy and gives off more information about progress and what place you’re in skill but what I don’t really understand is why you get points by wins/losses. Someone who can’t play the game can easily be carried off to semi-pro because he has friends which are increadible at the game and can easily get him to there.
Changing points gaining and losing from win/loss to personal score in the game would determin your own true skill and rank.

The promo’s is a great addition but I do not favor you being able to get into semi-pro right after them, restricting it to Bronze would be a neat thing if 343i chooses to keep the way you gain and lose points with wins and losses. How you wonder? Well because then if you get carried throughout your promo’s you don’t get into Onyx 2 and meet people that have grinded there BY carrying other teams from Silver to Onyx which proves them to be worthy their rank.

And if you still have your promo’s you definately should NOT go against any rank you find, that’s heavily unfair. Imagine you just bought the game, you go to play your promo’s and BAM, full pre-made Pro ranked players on the enemy team. Restricting your teammates and enemy players to only be in their promo’s and Iron/low Bronze when you’re in promo’s or within those ranks would definately help the matchmaking a bit. Having that system for all ranks would help aswell! If you’re in a surten rank you only play against those within the same rank and depending on how close you are to demote/promote to a higher/lower div you would meet those in those div’s.

Increasing the XP needed to level up your section should be increasaed aswell. It’s a bit too easy to rank up/down because of the rather small XP requirements in each section of a rank.

The ranking system within League of Legends is what I’ve been inspired by here. You gain and lose XP depending on how good you did, teamwise. The best way to the most amount of points possible in that ranking system is by having the best team score. Not only kills and low deaths. You need assists, low amounts of deaths and a reasonable amount of kills.

If Halo 5’s ranking system worked the same then I’m 100% sure people will find their true Rank.

Another thing I’d love to have within the game is a clan and team feature!
You create a Clan and the clan name is displayed ontop of your GT in lobbies but in-game you have a shortening next to your GT. The clan shouldn’t be restricted to player count like Desitny’s (100 members), it should be endless. You can also have positions within the clan that you name yourself and you chose their power and what they’re able to do within the clan.
<div>Team on the other hand should be restricted to the type of team you have. 4v4 teams, 3v3, 2v2 etc. On that team you have, just like in clans, a name for the team displayed within the lobby but a shortening of it next to each player’s GT. And teams should be ranked aswell, a team rank which could be determined on win/loss rates.

Fully custome emblems should also be for each clan/team and by fully custome I mean FULLY CUSTOME. Like a paint program! But you have one emblem for yourself which is just like we have now and one emblem for the team/clan and the one for the team/clan is fully customized through a paint/photoshop like program.

Pleas leave thoughts and suggestions!</div>