Some feedback for your curious choices

Some feedback for the devs. I got notes!

I think weekly challenges need to be infinitely repopulating. I finished last weeks ultimate challenge and no new ones updated, so I was stuck with not being able to earn more points for like 2 days. Add a counter, like a player needs to complete X# of challenges before they trigger the weekly ultimate, but they can keep doing regular weeklies if they want to in tandem, ad infinitum.

  • the motion tracker needs increase range and sensitivity.
  • the commando and ravager need damage buffs.
  • the drop shield panels need more damage resistance. Not a lot, but a buff of maybe 20% would do it, because it’s useless atm.
  • challenge swaps & xp bonuses should be issued upon boot up, say one each ​per day, like the login req packs in halo 5. Provide some damn incentive!
  • Now for the event challenges; there needs to be more of them active at a given time. Consider that it’s a limited time event, and many of us have full time jobs, marriages, etc, and therefore don’t have as much free time to ourselves. Let’s give the potential for equal footing here.

That will be all.

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Challenge swaps are a remedy to their tedious challenge-only progression system so I doubt they’ll let people have a free one daily cos’ they want you to pay for challenge relief

It would be nice to have a free challenge swap daily though that’s for sure.