Some Constructive Feedback

A few things my consciousness needs to tell me to express concerning some feedback in the multiplayer:

  • Can’t preview your Spartan’s voice
  • When using Custom Games, if you select BTB, and preselect how many bots are on each time (I.e., 7 on Eagle including yourself, and 8 on Cobra) when the match starts, there’s only 8 on Team Eagle and only 1 on Cobra. (Could be something of a learning curve)
  • Jorge’s left shoulder pad is not hmm what’s the word? Kicking in as texture?
  • Theatre Mode doesn’t track Campaign (I would love to see Master Chief fully in third person or freely detach from him and explore the ring)
  • There’s a hidden map in Custom Games called the Academy. The first area of the Tutorial. You can’t spawn bots on it.
  • When doing Custom Game objective modes like CTF, if you capture the flag past 3, it despawns and you can not continue capturing flags. Also I noticed the man cannons on Fragmentation special effects de spawn but they still function.
  • Bots can not drive vehicles or ride with you (Interesting)
  • Why isn’t Behemoth a BTB map? Looks quite big enough, err, maybe.
  • Why is the Repulsor only in Multiplayer and not in Campaign?

I think that’s all! Let me know if you share similar thoughts or bring new ones to the post! :+1:

In my opinion

  • Frag grenades should receive a radius nerf (damage/blast radius)
  • The rocket launcher readiness time on pickup should be shortened

I kept thinking to myself throughout the campaign, “Something from the equipment is missing…”, but shrugged it off. Sure enough, the Repulsor was absent!

I def feel the same way especially with the grenades. You should be rewarded by accuracy not spamming grenades.

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