Some constructive Feedback for Infinite MP

First, I want o say i absolutely love the game, minus some of the obvious bugs present, but I have some feedback that I’d like to share outside the major issues that have been identified ad nauseam.

  1. Since the added playlists, I feel the UI feels off. Maybe have a top layer for Social/Ranked so you don’t have to scroll off the page for Ranked. Maybe should look like Quickplay/Social/Ranked.

  2. There are so many leavers/afkers in ranked. Please find a way to implement reconnection like LoL etc. And stricter bans. There are issues with disconnections, and people should be able to reconnect to a game. People should not be able to play another game until the previous game is done if they are given the ability to reconnect.

  3. Please provide ban times. I have seen people banned for leaving games accidentally (clicked join game when notified/disconnects) and who knows how long it is.

  4. Quick resume feature doesn’t work well. It doesn’t reconnect quickly to MP. Only after quitting does it reconnect most times.