Some challenges NEED to be reworked

One of the challenges for the Tenrai events is stopping enemies on a killing streak five times. I’m sure if you put in a lot of time and/or get extremely lucky, you will get it done just by playing naturally, but it’s still an atrociously designed challenge.

First of all, it’s entirely out of players’ hands. I do have no control over how good my enemies are and how many kills they get. Challenges are supposed to be something you can specifically try to achieve instead of hoping it happens randomly, especially if said challenge is essential for progression.

The second problem is that a challenge like this gives me an incentive to play poorly, ignore my teammates, and completely ruin my team’s odds of winning.

As for suggestions, changing it to “go on a killstreak five times” would already be better, even if still rather challenging. Preferably though, I think such time-limited events should have challenges that incentivize you to play the mode without forcing you to commit too much, so double/triple kills would be more reasonable.

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I agree - but then again most of the challenges in this game have a degree of luck. It’s really frustrating and it’s baffling anyone thought the system was a good idea.

Yeah I thought that challenge was tone deaf, skipped out of principle.

Hopefully they make good on their word to re.ove challenges frequently skipped or incompleted.

Challenges should not be hard, period

People of different skill purchase the battle pass and it’s not fair to gate progression for them because you wish for them to pull off challenge requirements intended for those with a higher skill

This wouldn’t be a problem if performance-based XP was implemented in the game.

I got that challenge as well. At first I thought it was not a big deal. But then I took a look at the results of previous matches in order to check the largest streak people used to get. In some games no one got, in other two people got a killing streak, but both were in my team… anyway, it’s random whether someone will even get a streak, and then again, there are four people in my team, so there’s a 25% chance I will be the one who will interrupt it.

It’s doable, but it would take a very long time, and as much as I like Fiesta, I might want to play something else…

Maybe that challenge for interrupt one’s killing spree is linked to the ultimate challenge of getting 5 killing sprees yourself. They figured that lots of people would be pursuing the ultimate challenge.

Anyway, I swapped that challenge and thankfully I got a much more sensible one, obtaining 5 double kills. That’s very easy when you can spawn with rockets or gravity hammer.