Some bugs I've noticed

So far it’s been quite fun and enjoyable to try put infinite, although there are some bugs I’ve come across but that’s to be expected. All this is on series x.

  • When joining a game in progress, all weapon sounds and shield alerts are muffled, spartan voices and pain sfx play as normal.
  • The firing range has a bunch of visual problems, there is this weird stuttering and screen tearing that occurs while doing any weapon trial.
  • The gravity hammer has caused some weird visual glitches, like red and blue blobs after swinging that hang in the air momentarily, this hasn’t been too common though.
  • Sometimes while swapping weapon skins it bugs out and it defaults back to what I had equipped before, even though I equipped a different one. This happened with the sidekick, I haven’t tested out different ones.
    I’ll update this with any other ones I find.

First two have been most common for me. I am loving the gameplay.

Yeah the major one for me is needing 8-10 attempts getting into a match at times… but can be worse i guess that and item shop doesnt work for me.