Some Big Issues Feedback

Ok to start, I love the game and it’s foundation is perfect to build a great halo game. 343 has done great to set that up but good grief what we have right now has some huge issues.



  1. Aiming is hard, or at least hard enough to make it noticeable. Aim assist on console seems almost non existent and with how defined the hitboxes are it just makes the issue bigger. (Heres a test for hitboxes, grab a friend and have him hold a skewer. Grab whatever weapons you want, I used a commando, and have him look directly up. Shoot between his chin and his bicep, for me I was able to shoot right through that small gap without touching him. Go ahead have fun with it.)
    From what I’ve heard MaK also have it rough with aiming. To have it stressful to get into simple gunfights on both ends of the game space should make it clear something needs to be fixed and tuned.

  2. Guns are both great and awful. The pro is they all sound phenomenal. The con is they don’t play that way.

The assault rifle is too good at the front end of its firing and can hit at ridiculous ranges never seen before for the gun. Since it’s fast firing and has that much range you can just spam it at a sniper and continuously descope them and maybe even kill them if they’re a couch potato. Just make the bloom get to max faster so it isn’t a laser.

The BR75, oh I wish I started with you in btb. This gun is mostly fine but I have had problems with stickyness of the weapon.

The sidekick, what even are you. It can be used at long range and spammed up close. At one second it’s super consistent and at another it’s literally holding a pea shooter that can’t hit the side of a building. My main problem with it is, of course because defined hitboxes and aim assist being not good, it not hitting where I’m aiming. There’s another huge problem that adds to it, bloom. The bloom on that gun is RIDICULOUS. It goes out way too far making shooting the gun feel like a gamble rather than a consistent halo weapon. 343, pls, tune down the bloom on this thing.

The commando, more like command-no…sorry. The gun kills super slow from that it feels and on top of that it has the same problems as the sidekick but now as a rifle. Honestly this gun just needs a ton of help for aim assist, bloom, recoil, TTK, and probably more.

The pulse carbine, actually a bubble shooter. What is the range for this weapon? It can’t be used up close because people can outstrafe it. It can’t be used long range because it has travel time and red reticle doesn’t work that far for it. Ok so mid range, nope, it’ll track but again people can just not notice you’re there and walk slightly left and wonder what that weird noise is as you pump 50% of the weapon at them even with leading. Please just get this gun some good tracking and better travel time.

The s7, can’t go wrong with a sniper right? Nah, guns super hard to use. Defined hitboxes and no aim assist makes this thing a travesty to use if you aren’t mint blitz. Also, when aimed in, is it just me or is it a bit too zoomed in. Also also, the border that’s supposed to be the scope when aimed in takes up so much of your vision which feels awful.

The ravager, sounds big but doesn’t hit it. This things blast radius is pitiful for the normal fire. Just boost that some and I think it’ll be solid.

The shock rifle…just a tiny bit more aim assist needed otherwise it’s fine.

The sentinel beam, again, a tiny bit more aim assist. Also the vertical recoil could use a tuning to be less extreme.

The plasma pistol has pretty much little to no use now. It doesn’t emp and it doesn’t kill well at all (22 shots not the the head). It’s only use is shield break, which sure that’s great but overall usefulness has run dry in this weapon and I’d rather drop it for anything else.

The cindershot needs to not pull in targets hit by it. It just makes the gun a free win basically.

The heatwave, the scatter shots younger brother that no one wanted to bring to the party. This things TTK is abysmal and hitting anyone with it is just hoping to kill them. Make the spread tighter a bit and improve the damage.

The bulldog, albeit fun, not super great. The rate of fire I think should be increased a small bit just to make it more useful than it is.

The disrupter just needs better damage. The thing sucks to kill someone with.
The stalker rifle, mangler, hydra, SPNKr, gravity hammer, and energy sword I think are all fine.

  1. Grenades are great against people, too great. Starting with 2 every spawn is kinda ridiculous. It just creates grenade spam everywhere. Also boarding a tank and sticking a nade in it doesn’t kill it…why? I boarded an enemy players Scorpion and stuck nade in and it did pretty much nothing. I had to board again and put another in and it only killed the driver, not the gunner or scorpion as a whole. I ended up dying to the gunner after that. Please make boarding actually worth while on tanks.

Challenges and the Battle Pass:

  1. Challenges are bad because they are too specific and give too little. For example, kill 3 enemy spartans in pvp with the PLASMA CARBINE. With what I said before about the weapon it becomes a slog to do. First I have to find the weapon, then I have to find the enemy, then I have to hope to kill the enemy, and if I die start back at stage one. I’m not even having fun or playing the objective at that point and that’s in part because the progression is tied to only those challenges. So if I want to progress I HAVE to use certain weapons and play certain ways that neglect any bit of teamplay, objective play, and overall fun. On top of that when I do manage to kill someone sometimes it won’t even count to the challenge for no reason. I then have to continue neglecting everything for this specific challenge. When I finally complete it I am only 1/4 of the way to the next level of the battle pass…maybe even less. It’s painful with how these challenges are as of now because of the unrewarding experience they push.

My solution:
A. Challenges that require kills should be universal. What I mean by that is kills with the plasma carbine should instead be kills with banished weapons. Kill an enemy Spartan defending their control point should instead be get objective based kills. So on so forth it should go with more open ended challenges that you can combat in different ways in the sandbox, not specific thing do even more specific thing.

B. There NEEDS to be more pve oriented challenges, actually all of them should be.
10 kills in pvp with an UNSC weapon should also have an OR that says kill 25 enemies spartans in bot slayer. This would allow all game modes to be useful at all times for all challenges. More reward quicker for doing pvp but no punishment for pve.

C. All challenges should be able to be done at once. It allows for faster, better, and more fun progression times if done this way. They did it in MCC, they can most certainly do it here.

D. The per match xp challenges should be per gamemode. BTB gives 250 since it’s longer. Ranked gives 200 since it’s more competitive. Arena gives 150 since it’s your average game. Bot slayer gives 100 since it’s the easiest. In no way should we get 50xp for any match, that’s a solid 20 GAMES for ONE rank in the battlepass.

E. Add some fun random ones that are unique and give some cool stuff or just a happy amount of xp. An example would be, find the “yep, this is death” area on deadlock. Find the halo infinite arcade machine. Achieve massive air with a full Razorback. Things like that which would just be fun simple things that could happen that ISNT just kill person or do objective.

  1. The battle pass. This should not be the only way we get armor. Challenges that isn’t the weekly ultimate challenge should give some. Secrets in game should give some. Custom games should give some like in halo 5 with the pinky and whale helmet. Everything should have some reward for playing it some way or another. It gives not only reason to go into them but for people that ONLY go and do those things something to look forward to. After all…you do want us to wear something nice right?

The Store, Crossplay, and matchmaking

  1. Ok armor in the store for 20 dollars is egregious any way you put it. Armor in the store at all is egregious. Skins and colors sure that’s fine for an acceptable price but the zvedsda armor, one I was really hoping to wear when I saw it in the flight, being 20 dollars in the store and only the store is quite frankly insulting to the franchise and us as the players. The store needs to be toned back to offer room for a more original halo experience.

  2. PC vs Console is unfair. People from PC will say that console players have to much aim assist. People from console will say PC players have it super easy with a 2d plain to aim with faster reaction time and a bunch of buttons to do stuff with. One way or another fighting each other isn’t fun or balanced. The solution, make crossplay opt in not opt out. Opt in is where you don’t have the setting on by default. Opt out if the setting off by default. What this does it for the people that don’t know the option exists they don’t have to worry about it and they’re fighting people on their own playspace. It also bolsters the amount of people in that selection by default instead of hoping people selected this option. This would give population to both sides and allow the people that want to actually do crossplay just turn it on and then go have fun. Also actually give us the option to turn it on or off in the first place.
    (P.s. yes you can technically turn of crossplay in the settings on xbox but that is not an in game option and from personal experience, no clue why or how, it doesn’t work and I still am stuck in crossplay. Plus the population of people like me who want out would be very small.)

  3. I have no clue how the matchmaking right now works but I am most certainly not playing with people that have a good connection to me or are in the same skill bracket as me. I’ll see a person on the enemy team who is basically ogre 2 and wipes the floor with half my team before turning to me with malicious intent. Then be in a fight with another guy and try to melee but then he’s suddenly behind me and breaks my spine.

Side Notes:

  1. The weapon sandbox feels super small and bloated at the same time. I get 343 wanted every weapon to serve its own niche but I liked the options presented to me in the previous game waaaaay more. Especially since the banished weapon sandbox feels incredibly bloated in some spots and very empty in others. There’s like 3 sniper type weapons(shock rifle, skewer, and stalker rifle), 3 pistols(plasma pistol, mangler, and disruptor), 1 rifle and has an identity crisis(plasma carbine), a grenade launcher?(ravager) and the iconic energy sword and grav hammer.

A lot of things feels inferior too. The plasma pistol is nothing compared to its previous counterparts. The pulse carbine sucks. The ravager has nothing on the plasma caster. Where’s my fuel rod? Is the disrupter supposed to replace the plasma rifle? The sidekick is an ant compared to the magnum. The rocket feels like it has a smaller blast radius. Sniper is harder to use in general. The commando will be squashed by the DMR. The hydra kills slower (I kinda like it more since I can shoot it not locked on now though). The bulldog from -.343 meters away won’t kill in one shot. Where’s the smg replacement?

  1. The banshee is very tedious to use and it’s bomb is like shooting a glob of paint at someone and hoping it’ll hit them hard enough to break their shields. Please make its movement better and it’s bomb not booboo.

  2. There needs to be maps that have tanks, flying vehicles, etc. at the start. Not only for varied gameplay but for testing things in custom games too since we won’t have forge for a while. I tried to get a scorpion to spawn in customs with my friend the other night to test that grenade stuff and it just refused to show. Please just let us have maps with stuff already on them.

  3. XP boosts should only time down in match if they stay a timer. I think it should be double xp for the next 10 challenges completed (not including match completion ones) it would allow them to be used easier, more effectively, and more often.

  4. Can we get a system of just red vs blue instead of outlines as an option. Or allow us to tune the visuals like boldness or something. I’m partially colorblind (red green so sometimes it’ll blend in with the background so I don’t know who’s a teammate or not) so sometimes the outlines just do not work for my eyes man, need more options pls.

  5. Can we get hud options to previous halo game huds. The information being in the bottom right just isn’t cutting it for me. I’m actively looking away from the enemy when I’m trying to see what grenade or equipment I have equipped.

You’re doing great so far listening to feedback. Keep it going and this could be a great game for everyone. A lot of things in this game deserve praise just make it to where praise is the only thing that can be said about the game.