Some Battlepass Food For Thought?

Seriously, I don’t understand how the ball was dropped so hard in this area. It’s ruining what is otherwise a brilliantly made Halo game, definitely 343’s best thus far. Obviously this post refers to customization and progression in Infinite.

What I don’t understand is how Halo can transition from such a magnificent battlepass/progression system of which we were treated to in MCC, over to what we got in Infinite. MCC had hands down, the absolute perfect recipe for the system. It worked great. I seem to remember a phrase used in MCC’s development, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (In hindsight that aged like milk seeing Launch MCC, but I digress.)

I want to preface by saying that I and (most of) the community understand two important things.

  1. Halo Infinite’s MP is, essentially, a free-to-play standalone game, and requires monetization in some form. Not everyone that plays MP is going to buy the campaign.
  2. It’s more than likely that Infinite’s monetization wasn’t decided on by 343 themselves. It was decided on by ‘suits’ and ‘higherups’ (in laymen’s terms) at Microsoft to rake in that sweet, succulent, corporate-pocket lining dough. (See HaloFollower’s video from the 1st for more information about this)

Honestly, I really think the solution to this whole ordeal is very simple.

If it was 343 that implemented the current system, this is what I feel we as a community should get, Adhering to the principle that a F2P game needs to make money. Please consider this.

If it was the corpos that implemented this and NOT 343, piss off. I’ll gladly be keeping my money until you relinquish monetization decisions to 343, instead of standing on the sideline ruining a game they worked hard to create.

Onto The Goods

  • Bring forward MCC’s progression system. (Rewards objectives and medals)
  • Bring Forward MCC’s Battlepass system. (All main, essential armor pieces, including Armor Cores, Helmets, Helmet Attachments, Visors, Shoulderpads, Gloves, and Kneepads for a given season should be Included in the battlepass.) Sell current battlepasses for 1000 credits ($9.99 USD) per season.
  • Use the Store to sell most of the newer, ‘flashier’, non-armor customization options. (Armor Kits, Chests, Wrists, Utility, Emblems/Emblem Pallettes, Armor Effects, Mythic Effects, Weapon/Vehicle Coatings, Weapon ‘Models’, Weapon Charms, Kill Effects, Personnal AI, and AI colors.)
  • If you want to spice things up more, bring forward MCC’s ‘Tier Unlock’ tokens the players were rewarded with and put them behind a paywall. Say, 300 credits ($2.99 USD) for 2 tokens, or as otherwise seen fit.

There’s a wall of text, discuss it Spartans.

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It needs more stuff rather than a bunch of double xp boosts and challenges swaps, shoulder pieces should be paired, less emblems and player nameplates, more colors and armors

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Agreed. Not sure if shoulder pieces should be paired, as some like to use different pieces on each shoulder… Unless you meant paired in a Battlepass tier?

Yeah i meant paired in the battlepass, some are paired with double xp or swaps

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They’ve done this all on purpose, to see what they can get away with, maximize profits before they have to start changing things and I bet this is all part of their plan to sell back parts of the game to us at a high cost :roll_eyes:

I think that’s all a conspiracy. I don’t think it was 343 that designed the MTX system as I explained. They saw how we reacted to REQs so I’d think they’d have approached it with extra caution.

But if I’m wrong and 343 did create the system themselves, then shame on them.

I have bought the premium pass to support the FTP game development. Their employees need to get paid. I already have the campaign (essentially for free) from buying the halo console.

I won’t pay for anything in the store though, I think the premium pass and money from gamepass should be enough for them. Maybe the HCS stuff is OK if people are into that side of things and they want to support a team. I think the rest of it should be in the battle pass though.