Some Awesome Modded Maps

Looks like someones been doing some work.

K, I checked them out, and they’re real. You should remove those from your fileshare as you will be banned for sharing modded material. Just letting you know. Maybe they’ve changed their policy about this, but I doubt it.

Don’t worry, it’s not my fileshare, I’m pretty aware of the rules, but yeah these maps are pretty useful, you could use the vehicle map for machinimas etc.

Posting this on the Forums are against the rules, just remember that for next time. If there modded, it might be an idea to not post about it either. The less people that know, the better.

Wow, those look fun. I might give them a try.

But, these MODs are nothing compared to the ones back in Halo 2.

Remember when you could always find a fun Modded custom game on LIVE and bungie didn’t really care? I miss those days. It seems that the more structured Bungie made Halo, the worse it became…

Please do not discuss modifying or hacking content on an Xbox console.