Some August patch feedback

Why on Earth aren’t all the legacy/original menu backgrounds included? They really need to be implemented they are the reason this feature was even requested in the first place.

Other than that pretty nice little update. But feels lackluster considering how long we waited for it. There is still sooo much needed to be added and fixed that I am now panicking development is going to fizzle out and MCC will ultimately be left incomplete.

Please do not abandon MCC. These are some of the top priorities that need to happen:

  • Any and all still needed fixes and restorations.

  • PC splitscreen.

  • H3 Forge overhauled as much as possible. Bare minimum being custom thumbnails, increased object limit and new objects particularly terrain chunks, structural chunks and foliage.

  • Remaining Halo Online content.

Utilization of content already present in the titles. Meaning things like:

  • H3 Arbiter armour added to H3 multiplayer Elites.

  • H3 Pilot Marine armour added to H3 multiplayer Spartans.

  • NMPD Cop & H3 Lord Hood & H3 Miranda Keyes playable for ODST Firefight.

  • Raven Squad playable in ODST Firefight.

  • H3 Magnum & Plasma Rifle(think they’re the only ones still missing?) added to ODST Firefight.

  • H2C campaign variations of Elites playable in H2C multiplayer.

  • CE Energy Sword added to CE.

  • CE Elites playable in CE multiplayer.

  • Reach Elites per piece customization.

  • Player character playable in each campaign.

  • Metagame leaderboards overhauled/fixed.

  • Main menu series soundtracks player.

  • ‘Halo Bible’ section in the main menu where you can view all previously released videos, comprehensive archive of any and all lore, bestiary, all concept art for all titles etc etc.

  • Mod community pipeline where cream of the crop content and fixes can be submitted to 343i for official implementation.