Some arena issues I've noticed

So wondering if anyone else has noticed a few problems with arena… I’m loving Halo 5 arena, it goes back to the style of Reach and 3 and back to pure skill based play.

  • First up is the lack of map rotation, I’ve had a few triple repeats of maps, and a lot of doubles. I don’t see why its so hard to keep people in the same server for at least two or three games. And if we quit out of a map because it sucks (Orion, Pegasus) then don’t put us back in the same map! - Second is the players, over the last week I’ve been playing pretty consistently with a friend at the same times of day and we keep noticing the same players over that week. I am having a lot of trouble believing that the player base is so small that I play 20% of my games with the same two guys! Over and over! - Microphones, this is the first Halo I’ve played since Reach (4 honestly was too terrible to play) but I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t mute people in lobby! That foulmouthed kid or the guy who thinks we all like hear his heavy metal. I end up starting a solo party just to get out of that but then I can’t hear legit people in the game. - Quitting hurts all of us in a game. Yeah I know it’s fun when two guys on the other team quit but it sucks when it happens to us. There needs to be some kind of mercy rule like they introduced in Destiny. If a spike caused mass disconnects or people started leaving the match should end, people re-enter the matchmaking pool and get full credit for sticking it out. Reach has a great system where the jackpot XP often rewards players who stick with games.Anyhow long post but I’m hoping others have noticed these issues, add anything I’ve forgotten and hopefully 343 is smart enough to fix these before the player base melts away like it did with 4

I feel your pain on not being able to mute in pregame lobby. Nothing worse than playing at a reasonable volume, when a -Yoink- who thinks we want to hear his music blare through the mic pops into your lobby. And you have to scramble to find the remote before your girlfriend wakes up and chews you out.

I agree with every word you wrote including 5. Nerf the over used magnum.

Yeah there are definitely a few weapon issues, the magnum is too popular though. Thankfully most noobs are too bad to properly use it. Not sure why devs always feel the need to tinker with the great stuff. Look what happened when they tried to make Halo into COD, fastest player base loss ever.

I don’t mind anything wrong with the Magnum. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any shape or form an MLG pro that can headshot you across the map with the Magnum outside Smart-Link, but I feel like it’s got an actual use again. I only used the Magnum has a support weapon in Halo 4, the weapon balancing wasn’t fun there and Reach was the only place I really used the Magnum.

And I agree. Needs to be a mercy rule. Maybe if 3 people left your team leaving only you it’d automatically end. Losing is a bad stain on all our service records (we all love those wins) but I think a DNF (quit or disconnection) is much worse.

Yeah it’s brutal, mind you I had a fantastic game with disconnects the other day, we were up by about 10 points on fathom and had a disconnect for all 3 of my teammates and 2 of the other team. I still won and had the best game just outwitting them and not gonna lie I was by far the better player. I think I even increased my lead with a few double kills. The other problem I’ve been noticing is playing with friends with different ranks, totally skews the system.