Some Advice

Recently the lakers have started there season very poorly, they fired their head coach Mike Brown and hired Phil Jackson back. I recommend that 343 you take this advice and go ask Bungie on how to improve your next Halo entry into the trilogy. I am not saying that you made a terrible game but it is not the Halo everybody has come to know and love. My advice go back to the basics dont try to make the next Halo without really listening to your fans feedback. It is only the first of 3,so a true fan can’t give up on the trilogy yet, but the first ipression was not great so now things need to improve or Halo 5 is going to have to be AMAZING or you will lose a lot of the Halo fan base.

Not meant to stir anyone up if you have negative comments keep them to yourselves.

Anybody has something constructive to add feel free.